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Killington Resort

Grand Prize Winner: nausikaa
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Yes, you might be wishing that this winter was over, but one great thing about it is the fun to be had at Killington Resort in VermontBarista Kids and Killington have teamed up to give one very lucky reader a Grand Prize of a 3 night, 2 day family trip to Killington Resort.

With record snowfall across much of the nation, conditions at Killington Resort have been excellent all winter. Known as “The Beast of the East,” Killington Resort invites winter weather lovers to head up to Vermont for skiing, snowboarding, outdoor activities, and events for the whole family. Plus, this year Killington is pleased to announce a new addition – the much-anticipated, state-of-the-art Peak Lodge constructed at the 4,100 foot level of Killington Peak. Bundle up and grab a piece of the action!

Killington Resort is a four season destination that sits on 3,000 acres in the heart of the Green Mountains in Central Vermont. The Resort boasts more than 70 miles of diverse snow sports terrain spread out over six peaks and offers the most expansive lift network and snowmaking system in the East. In addition, the numerous après, dining, shopping and lodging options have made Killington a world-class destination for East Coast skiers and riders for over 50 years.

There’s something for everyone at Killington Resort; from races to the annual NOR’BEASTER event to kick off Spring in the mountains. Killington also hosts a variety of events for all ages, like scavenger hunts and collaborative activities with organizations like The Nature Museum.

Killington Resort


To enter tell us your favorite winter memory in comments. 


1) The person who shares our favorite story will be chosen to win the Grand Prize of a 3 night, 2 day family trip (up to 6 people) to Killington Resort plus lift tickets.

2) Since we’re feeling generous, a second reader  will be chosen at random to receive  a family pack of lift tickets to use at Killington (no lodging).


Contest starts Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 12 pm EST and ends Thursday, March 6 at 12 pm EST.  Open to U.S. residents ages 18 years and older. Void where prohibited.

You MUST leave a comment for your entry, but you can get another entry by:

  • Follow us on Twitter, tweet us a photo of your favorite winter memory, or tweet about the giveaway. Make sure to include @baristakids AND @KillingtonMtn in your tweet.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter here and send us a message telling us you did with your email address.

Good luck!

Killington Resort

Grand Prize rules:

  • The stay will be for 3 days, 2 nights
  • We will provide lift tickets for the winning family to use for the duration of the trip
  • Up to 6 people in the family
  • Transportation and food costs, etc. are not included.
  • The free stay will occur before the end of the 2013/2014 winter reason.
  • Lodging will be provided at a Killington-managed properties 
  • Lift tickets will be mailed (with tracking) via USPS
  • U.S. entrants only, please

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  1. My favorite winter memory actually ocurred at Killington several years ago. I was sking there on New Years weekend, circa 2005. Late in the morning I followed a marked trail down far right side of the mountain. After finishing this long windy trail for several minutes and getting to the bottom, I realized that the chair lift was closed and there was no way to get back up the mountain. I was on the furthest trail possible away from the village, ski lodge and remainder of the mountain. After I got stuck at the bottom, one by one, more skiers started to join me. They had taken the same trail as me and also ended up stuck. We walked over to a local restaurant and called the mountain and asked them to send a van to pick us up. Well over an hour or two had passed and still no van. I went to the restaurant to call again, and in the time I was gone a van came to pick everyone up, but there was no room left for me….eventhough I was the first one to get stuck there. I became very upset. Someone decided to leave the van to let me squeeze in. The van took us back to the lodge through these windy roads in an extremely hot van, squeezed in next to someone with horrible body odor.
    i didn’t say it was a good memory, but it was pretty funny in hindsight.

  2. My dad used to take me to killington all the time to ski when I was little. To this day, we could finish each other’s sentences if the begin with “you know, the night will be just as cold and lonely as it was 200 years ago.” We used to stay at the Cortina inn across form Pico and them go ski out of the base lodge. Now I have my own son who is learning to ski. He’s only ever been to Campgaw, which he is now outgrowing. I would love to take him to killington. The four mile trail would blow his mind!



  3. My kids just learned to ski (and love it) this past winter break in Seattle of all places. Even though we are NJ natives, it is about time that our family try out an east coast resort like Killington. We’d love to be the lucky winners!

  4. My most vivid winter memory I have has to be The Blizzard of ’78.

    It had snowed for nearly two whole days and when the skies finally cleared we had more snow then I had ever imagined could fall. So much snow that schools were closed for days, jobs were put on hold and the entire state of Connecticut was shut down. It was one of the most exciting times in my 7 yr old life!

    We happened to live at the bottom of a seriously steep driveway. During typical winters it was impossible to drive up and down, from first snowfall to last we were forced to trudge up and down it with bags of groceries or just to get the mail. However, the fact that it was impassable actually made it the perfect sledding grounds for the kids in our neighborhood. (A fact that held no importance to me after one of my mother’s massive grocery shopping trips but meant the world after a good storm.) After the blizzard came roaring through our driveway became like a winter resort for everyone on our road. I clearly remember entire families coming to spend the afternoon sledding, drinking hot chocolate (and who knows what those adults had in their mugs!) and eating bowls of a neighborhood mother’s famous pea soup— all while still hanging around outside. It was crazy fun, a real lemonade out of lemons afternoon.

    I’m sure there were plenty of not so hot aspects to that blizzard; accidents, outages and the like, but for this girl The Blizzard of ’78 is filled with nothing but warm and wonderful memories.

  5. Most of my old favorite winter memories all revolve around my dad. Sledding at Mountainside at all hours, skiing on the ice at Vernon Valley, climbing on the huge piles of snow in the Rand parking lot. Miss him lots, especially when it snows.

    Now my new favorite memories are all about a very very large snow fort that is slowly melting in my front yard. My kids have had so much fun this winter in the snow. Sadly though, the snow has eaten up the Spring break, but a trip to Kilington would be a nice consolation.

  6. my fav winter memory is ice skating at Pioneer Park in Illinois. The town would freeze the tennis courts into a rink. All the kids would hang out there after school. We would use our scarves & form a chain and whip around the ice.
    I have lots of memories of skiing at killington too!

  7. One of my favorite memories is ice skating on the pond where I grew up and playing ice hockey with my brothers. I also have fond memories of the first time I took my daughter sledding at Mountainside this winter. She was a champ despite the cold.

  8. My favorite winter memory only is from about two years ago. My husband and I had gone to a Valentine’s event up at Brotherhood Winery in NY. It was a champagne tasting class, served alongside cheese, fruit, and chocolate. The chocolate mousse was divine. As we bundled up to leave, the snow started falling. It was so beautiful and so serene. We had a rough few months prior, because his father was diagnosed with brain cancer, so it was nice to have a romantic, relaxing time, just the two of us.

  9. My favorite winter memory is probably the trip my family took from upstate NY ….over the river and through the woods to Vermont to the Maple Syrup farms. I loved pouring the delicious, warm maple syrup over the snow and eating it. We bought some of that maple sugar candy home to take to school the next day to share with our friends. The good old days where we could still bring in the sugary treats to school and no one cared :). If we won the trip we would definitely stop off at one of these places to take my kid and let him taste that yummy goodness.

  10. My favorite childhood memories were down the road from Killington at Pico Mountain in the 70s and 80s. My siblings and I would look on at awe at the BIG mountain up the road and always wanted to give it a try, but my parents rarely took us. Would love to go back and ski Outer Limits!

  11. My favorite winter memory is as a kid living in Manhattan. On snow days when we were let out of school, me & my friends would trudge into Central Park. We would make as many snowballs as we could, stockpile them and hide in waiting for cabbies with their lights off to drive by. Then we would strike!! We would bombard them with a deluge of snowballs!!! Well, one time one of our posse accidentally let loose on a cabbie whose light was on and one snowball went inside the guy’s cab. Man, was he po’d! He proceeded to pull over, grab a baseball bat from under his seat and start chasing us!!!! We were so scared & laughed so hard as we raced through the park I will never forget it. Of course the crazy cabbie didn’t get us, but he sure taught us a lesson — make SURE the light is off LOL!!!!

  12. During my senior year of college, I was walking through campus with my former college girlfriend and my close friend soaking in the wonders of an evening snowstorm. We approached a group of underclassmen firing snowballs at each other and considered the potential for collateral damage. To avoid becoming targets, my girlfriend and I crossed the street and continued on our way. As we passed the group and drifted beyond their range, we felt the tension ease. Suddenly she caught a snowball in the side of her face. Her glasses flew off and she turned to me with her face sopping wet and tears welling in her eyes. With chivalrous indignation, I stormed across the street in a rage, daring anyone from the now slack jawed pack of snow-ligans to admit to being the culprit. All the while, my friend frantically tugged at my jacket, imploring me to let it go and forget the incident. My (feigned) show of bravado died down as the group stuck to unconvincing claims of innocence. I allowed my friend to pull me back to my now recovered girlfriend and the three of us continued on our way. I glared over my shoulder at the offending group as they slowly faded into the snowflakes. Relief at avoiding my first fist fight since grade school quickly turned to anger at my friend. Why was he not equally outraged? Had he not seen the violent snowball strike to my girlfriend’s face? Suddenly I noticed through the darkness a mix of embarrassment and sheepishness wash across his face. He half-whispered to us both, “Guys, I am so sorry – but I’M the one that threw the snowball.”

  13. Learning to ski in my twenties. I grew up in Kentucky, we didn’t have ski mountains! When I transplanted to New Jersey, my husband took me to Hidden Valley. It took me a few runs and some super sore muscles, but somehow I picked it up quickly. I was impressed and had a blast!! We now go every winter, have made it out west, and I haven’t yet been to Killington, would love to go! Now I’m getting my kids into skiing, wish I had learned to ski earlier in life, but hey, better late than never!

  14. I took my kids on their first ski outing to Hidden Valley. I took them out of school and we had the mountain to ourselves. I’ll never forget that first run with them on Chicken Delight. It was so flat you could make it all the way down without turning once, but to the kids it was a real ski run, with a lift and everything.

  15. My favorite winter memory happened when my wife and I set out to go skiing one Sunday morning about 20 years ago. We set out from Boston and we were driving to Wachusett Mountain, which is an hour west. It had snowed hard all night and was still snowing in the morning. As we were approaching route 495 I could see that they were plowing above us on the overpass that we were about to go under. The snow plow on the road above pushed a huge amount of snow over the side and down onto our windshield as we drove under the overpass. We were shocked and pulled over and soon realized that our windshield had cracked into thousands of pieces. It did not cave in but it was totally shattered. A state police officer came by and took a report but told us that it was unlikely that the driver of the snow plow could ever be located.
    We still wanted to go skiing but we were worried that the glass could cave in and injure us or get in our eyes. We decided to put our ski goggles on and drive to the mountain and go skiing anyway. We were quite a sight driving down the highway with our shattered windshield and ski goggles on. But we got to the mountain skied all day and then drove home.
    We never found out who the culprit was but insurance covered the windshield cost and we did not lose our ski day.

  16. One year when I was a little kid, my older sister lost her special teddy bear, Butterscotch, on our annual ski trip. She was crushed. I tried to help by getting her a nearly identical bear for her birthday, but it wasn’t Butterscotch. She was gracious about it, but I could tell it just made her sadder. The next year our family went back to the same ski lodge, and the owners’ daughter had Butterscotch in her toy basket! My sis was thrilled to get him back, and I was too–I think that was the first time I really understood what it meant to feel happy for someone else.

    A close second in the favorite winter memory category would be the time we built a tunnel through the snow bank by the side of our driveway and put our cat through the tunnel. The cat was not amused.

  17. My favorite winter memory is as child with my brother, sister and parents. My parents would take my siblings and I to Branch Brook park to go sledding. I remember our excitement in the car ride over and how beautiful the park looked all in white. We would spend hours sledding down hills. It was an amazing time spent with my family. We are all grown up now with children of our own, but I have never been able to top that memory with my own sons and husband. I would love the opportunity to try at Killington.

  18. My favorite winter memory is actually in my imagination. I grew up (and moved back recently) to montclair. when i was growing up, my youngest sister had a babysitter named Thel. Thel was an “older woman” (probably in her 60’s at the time) and had also grown up in montclair. she was the epitome of class – always wearing skirts, sensible clothes and very stylish accessories, but that didn’t limit her from playing with us three girls. One winter, Thel shocked us by telling us how she used to sled down Gates Ave – starting at the very, very top near Eagle Rock and going down, down, down, past South Mountain, past Clinton (my street) and further on, as far as the sled would take her. Now, every time I turn down Gates from the very top of that very steep street, I just think of Thel many, many, many years ago FLYING down that hill and I have to smile.

  19. Being from the UK, any opportunity to ski is, well, an opportunity to ski! And in cramming in 1 last day on the slopes at the end of my first East Coast season, I made the following mistakes:

    1. not turning back at the sight of near white-out conditions
    2. bombing down an icy blue run, a novice skier
    3. disregarding fiancé’s advice (?) not to ski 2 weeks before our wedding

    Naturally, I hit a bump and went airborne.

    So there I am, hanging upside-down in a slow motion backwards somersault. And as my knee was slamming into my face, I remember being pretty cool with any potential concussion or limb breakage. Pain, inevitable, no problem. I was actually too busy dreading the fact that my fiancé was TOTALLY going to kill me when I got home!

    I eventually crash landed flat on my back, winded, facial bruising, but everything intact. Up above, 2 boarder dudes on the ski lift were cracking up. Clapping like seals and yelling for an encore. I was actually able to laugh. Relief I’d be walking down the aisle after all.

    That was over 10 years ago now, and every time my family take that ski lift, my wife points out to our 2 young kids the spot were “daddy almost killed himself” before we got married. Good times.

  20. My kids, especially my youngest, enjoy building snow forts and ramps in the front yard. They and the neighbor kids then spend hours sledding down and making up adventures! It has (tried to) renewed my interest in winter fun.

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