Goodbye Snow

Goodbye SnowRealtor Sharon Gill sends a most welcome image — a dump truck removing snow from Church Street in Montclair. (hopefully they’ll tackle Valley Road which is single file and no parking)

We’ll be glad to see some of the area’s dirty snow mountains disappear and rediscover parking and room for cars to drive. What else won’t you miss?

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  1. Um, not so fast. We’re getting more on Tuesday. But don’t shoot the messenger, I hate it, too. Other than taking photographs, to me, it’s good for nothing. I hate driving in it, hate having to look over 6-foot high snow banks, hate the crunchy sound it makes under your tires or your feet, sick of shoveling and running out of places to put it, hate not being able to wear nice shoes…is it Spring yet?

  2. Am I wrong to think of the Township’s handling of the snowstorms as an epic fail?
    -Roadbeds were not properly plowed, leaving massive “ice floes” in the middle of the street.
    -Curbs were not properly cleared, leaving some streets no more than a few feet wide.
    -Cars are allowed to park on the sides of these streets even though the parked cars reach almost to the center divider.
    -Some streets (check out the little stretch of Prospect between Bloomfield and Claremont) have potholes big enough to swallow a bus; and, in today’s Montclair Times the Township tells us we should expect an epidemic of new potholes, which it will be slow to repair.

    C’mon. Taking care of our roadways is a basic municipal function. Am I wrong to think our town has dropped the ball?

  3. huh_wha – Given the amount of snow that we have had recently, is your expectation that every single road surface in town be cleared to the extent that no trace of residual snow or ice be present? All of the main thoroughfares in town . . . Watchung, Bloomfield, Clarement, Grove, Valley, Park, etc have been cleared almost entirely. Yes, there remains some snow on smaller side streets, but all streets in town are passable.

    When you say, “Curbs were not properly cleared, leaving some streets no more than a few feet wide”, you are being unrealistic. Snow plows push snow to the curb. The more snow that falls, the higher the snow near the curb mounts. How do you suggest this be remedied? By transporting this plowed snow on every street in town to another location? This would be a virtual impossibility. That action is reserved for removing snow that has fallen in critical areas such as school and public parking lots. And even at that, there are those on this site complaining about the “playgrounds and fields being ripped to shreds” and their kids not having a place to play.

    As for cars being allowed to park on the streets when snow covered, this is so because home owners need to clear their driveways. The only way to do this insofar as I know is to remove the vehicle(s) prior to the removal of snow.

  4. First world problems. Stop whining, you sound like Decamp customers.

    I have a hard time understanding why everyone seems to have set such a high bar for the jokers that run Montclair. At what point do you adjust your expectations downward? These guys are complete clowns, you’ll be happier once you come to realize that and learn to expect very little from them. Give it a try.

  5. whippersnapper, I own the copyright to “problem solved” and “another problem solved.” However, because I’m so nice, I hereby grant you North American rights for a period of three weeks. Have fun.

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