Montclair Remembers Harold Ramis

ramis 1Harold Ramis, writer, director and actor, described as the “Alchemist of Comedy,” died Monday.

Michael Stahl, of Best Friend Photography, got to meet Ramis, when he opened his Park Street home in 1998 to the film crew of Analyze This (later Montclair was part of the 2002 sequel “Analyze That” with filming on Wayside Place.).

The Park Street film set was quite the scene, recalls Bob Mellman, adding that along with Ramis, Billy Crystal and Tony Bennett were there. Lots of locals came by to watch, including Yogi Berra. Ramis, who chatted with neighbors and signed autographs, left the Stahls a thank you note.

ramis note

Do you remember the filming? And what was your favorite Ramis film?

Photos: Michael Stahl

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  1. I met Harold during the filming of “Analyze This.” He was very friendly and easy to talk with. I remember that he told me how much he liked filming here and that Montclair reminded him of his own neighborhood in Chicago. (I also remember that Billy Crystal walked past me quickly without making eye contact).

    I love all of the films that Harold Ramis was involved with, but I have to say my favorite one is “Groundhog Day.” He died much too young but left us with so much of his work to enjoy.

    P.S. Thanks to Michael Stahl for taking this photo at that particular moment and sharing it. That is me in the background. Ha!

    Gail Prusslin

  2. Knowing he was in town makes me feel doubly bummed about his passing. It would have been cool to meet Ramis. He was a real mensch and a big Twinkie. I’ll have to pay more attention when I see crews in town. I always assume it’s a lame TV commercial or series.

  3. Harold Ramis made many very funny movies. To his eternal credit, he created one perfect movie: Groundhog Day. Biting, sentimental, cynical and joyous. Over and over and over again, the movie never disappoints.

  4. So Gail, you missed that time in front of the fireplace, at your dad’s knee …the lesson on “euphemism.” Dear, he said, PR people * should always be in the background. Whatevah. Well done Michael and Gail

    * I know, I know. But what else ya gonna call that good work you do for The Outpost?

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