The Ravages of Winter: Potholes

The Baristaville Pot Hole Beauty Contest
Here’s a real beauty. Circa February 2011.

Drive carefully out there, folks. Potholes just jumped to the top of the list of the worst thing about motoring in Montclair–leapfrogging all of the drivers who don’t stop at crosswalks, who employ the Jersey left, and those who text or consume lunch behind the wheel.

Pothole explainer
Pothole explainer

Montclair Township recently posted this pothole warning to their website:

“Roadways all over town — and throughout the state — are riddled with potholes. Potholes seem to appear out of nowhere and, if hit, can cause damage to vehicle tires and wheels.

Potholes are caused by the freeze and thaw cycles occurring during the winter and early spring months. Coupled with these cycles, snow, ice and rain enter into cracks in the pavement and groundwater rises to the surface from below. It then contracts and expands from temperature fluctuations, which causes the pavement to break open, creating a pothole…” (read the rest here.)

The Township is asking that residents report potholes by calling 973-509-5711. You can also list your candidate for the deepest, widest, most cavernous pothole on SeeClickFix Montclair, and report it in comments below.

Potholes on Alexander Ave. near Carlton Dr.
Potholes on Alexander Ave. near Carlton Dr.

For you “glass half full” types, at least there’s one upside: Less speeding.

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  1. I hope y’all plan to repost this in the spring months..I am highly doubtful that unless that puppy goes to china, it wont be touched till it gets nicer out.

  2. There are about 10 potholes in a row on Alexander Ave., near Carlton Drive in Montclair. A couple of them are dangerously large.

  3. This is turning out to be a banner month for bitching and moaning. I’m so tired of hearing myself complain about the commute, the potholes, the snow, the water, the damage to my house, the rude bastards who seem to be everywhere…

    Next year I’m going to splurge on a winter coma.

  4. Hah Roo- I finally snapped while driving on Bellevue ave last week and it was nearly impossible to have two way traffic. I get that people need to get out of the passenger side but some people are moronic in the sense that they literally are parking so far out. And then tehres the vehicle (big and small) that try to squeeze through at the same time when they just witnessed the oen in front of them taking turns. I stopped rolled to a stop (facing west) and let a line come eastbound only to have a car speed pretty much from the library up to my ass and lay on the horn. Ugh.

  5. Whippersnapper, the same thing happened to me yesterday. I rolled up to Bellevue heading south on North Mountain. Car comes across, and as the car heading east on Bellevue crosses, I start to nose out, only to have the jackhole coming west blow through his stop sign and almost nail my car.

    Good thing he had to turn on Upper Mountain. I just prayed to the Karma Gods that a pothole gave him a bent rim.

  6. Soon the complaining will begin about how long it’s taking to fill the pot holes and how inconvenient it is that streets are closed for repairs. Or how the town/county isn’t doing enough . . . .

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