A Bit O’ Green For St. Patrick’s Day: Felt Headbands

St. Patrick's Day

Headbands are an easy way to add a bit of green to your wardrobe for St Patrick’s Day (or any day if you love the  color).  They also make a great birthday party gift and are easy to make!

Felt Headbands

  • Elastic or premade headbands
  • Felt (3-5 different colors of felt)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Glue (optional)


St. Patrick's Day

Step 1: Cut the elastic to the desired length.  Sew elastic together to make a circle, using the measurement guide below.   (You can also use pre-made headbands, available at the dollar store or drugstore.)

0-6 months: 13”
6-12 months: 16”
12 months+:  18”
Adults: 21”

Step 2: Download templates and cut out desired shapes.

  • To make the bow, use a long rectangular strip of felt and a thin rectangular strip.  Take the long rectangle, hold end-to-end and cinch together in the middle.  Sew or glue the cinch in place.  Wind thread around this to ensure it is extra tight. Next, glue the bow to the elastic or headband.  Secure in place by gluing the thin rectangular piece of felt around the middle (cinched) part of the bow.  Flip the headband over to trim and glue the edges.
  •  To make a shamrock, cut the desired number of shamrocks out of felt.  Layer them, and sew them together.  Attach the shamrock cluster to the headband with glue.


Make sure to have them made before you attend a local St. Patrick’s Day parade!

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