Frank Gerard Godlewski At Armory Arts Week 2014, Thursday, March 6

napoli frank gerard godlewskiHistorian, artist and architect Frank Gerard Godleswki returns to Armory Arts Week as a featured artist in THE CITY: THE ART WE LEAVE.

Salomon Arts Gallery presents a focus on art generated by the city with the notion that, when the current structure expires and evolves, the art we create becomes an atmospheric document that preserves our life within its long-gone spaces.

Among the featured artists, Tina Winkhaus, rather than interpreting this world as a strict antithesis to our above ground society, the subterranean caverns reflect its hidden internal structure. Frank Gerard Godlewski returns to New York with a video, a series of post cards that preserve his life in cities of his Grand Tour. Matthew H. James will perform a Butoh-inspired interaction with projected video with live music and his sculpture artwork. Time: 6pm – 9pm; RSVP to:

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  1. Il nostro caro Frank, io sono così felice di aver superato la città della vostra casa e sono diventati una grande celebrità sotto le luci e sul grande palco. Saremo sempre orgogliosi di te come uno di noi che ha reso grande. Non ci dimentichiamo piccola gente. Possa il vento essere sempre alle tue spalle, e la strada correre sempre in discesa. Non prendere alcuna monetine in legno. Buona notte e buona fortuna!

  2. My singing in Latin in the video comes for what I remember from Nixon Bicknell’s glee club practice at Montclair Academy….he was an excellent (strict) teacher! I turned it into a duet for the video and liked it better…more Addams Family-like!

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