Montclair Crime: Armed Robbery, Bedroom Intruder, Possible Luring, Flim-Flam Money Scam


montclair police intruder sketchPolice responded to a Pine Street apartment building (3/20, 4:50 am) on report of a possible intruder. The female caller told police she woke up to find a man standing at the foot of her bed. The man said to her, “Are you ready for me?” She screamed and the intruder is said to have casually walked out of the apartment via the back door. The intruder was described as a black male, 30-40 yrs old, with a mustache, wearing blue jeans and no shirt and some sort of head wear. The intruder reportedly did not get into the bed and did not touch the caller. The caller believes the back door to the apartment was left open at the time she retired for the evening. The caller states that she does not recognize the intruder as anyone that she knows. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Montclair Police Detective Bureau, Det. C. Cunningham at 973-509-4716. State Police were contacted to do a composite sketch (pictured).

More Montclair crime from DSgt. W. Young, Montclair Police Department:


On 3/22/2014, at approx 9:00 am, Officers responded to a Stonebridge Rd residence on report of a burglary to a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, Officers spoke with the caller who relayed that she parked her 2008 Kia Sportage at approx 7pm on 03/21 and on 03/22 at 900 am she returned to her vehicle to find items missing. The following was reported missing: a wallet, NJ DL, Visa CC, Garmin GPS and $40 cash. It was further reported that one of the doors of the vehicle may have been unlocked. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Montclair Police Detective Bureau, Det. J. Anderson at 973-509-4706.

On 3/22/2014, at approx 9:56 am, Officers responded to a St. Lukes Place residence on report of a theft from a garage. Upon arrival, Officers spoke with the caller who reported that between 6 pm on 3/21 and 9:45 am on 03/22 someone entered their unlocked garage and removed a bicycle. The bike is described as a 10 year old, men’s 21 speed mountain bike with a water bottle holder, red and black in color. The value of the bike is said to be approx. $500 when it was purchased. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Montclair Police Juvenile Aid Bureau at 973-509-4733.


On 03/20/2014, at 6:53 PM, officers responded 35 Lackawanna Plaza on report of an armed robbery. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with the victim who reported to officers that he met an individual at the mall to purchase marijuana. Upon meeting the seller, he came with a second male who the caller did not know. At this meeting, the caller was directed down the emergency exit hallway in the northwest corner of the mall. Once inside the hallway one of the two suspects brandished a small black handgun and ordered the caller to give up the money. The caller gave the two men a $100 dollar bill and the two fled the mall running to the rear of 50 Greenwood Avenue where they were last seen running north toward Claremont Avenue. The two suspects are described as follows:

Suspect #1 – green camouflage pants and a dark hooded sweat shirt
Suspect #2 – blue jeans, dark-gray hooded sweat shirt, black jacket and dark wool hat.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Montclair Police Detective Bureau, Det. J. Schaub at 973-509-4717.


On 03/24/2014, at approx 11:14 am, Officers met with an Upper Mountain Avenue resident of Montclair who reported that he was the victim of a Fraud. The victim reports that he planned a vacation for this summer in Ocean City N.J. and located an apartment for rent on Craigslist. The victim reports communicating with a party who identified himself as Edwin Dennarda via the internet and email. Through these communications, a block of time was reserved and the victim paid $1100 via a bank transfer. Upon transferring funds, it was learned that there was a different name on the account that was receiving the funds. The funds were transferred as agreed despite the name on the account. After the transaction was complete, the victim investigated further and found that the apartment in question did not belong to the man who was paid the $1100. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Montclair Police Department Detective Bureau, Det. R. Singleton at 973-509-4722.


On 03/24/2014, at approx 3:20 pm Officers took a report of theft of Jewelry. The victim, an Edgecliff Road resident, reported that between Thanksgiving and the time of this report, several pieces of jewelry were taken from his home and he does not know by whom. Total loss $12,971. The caller reports several venders throughout the home during this time period. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Montclair Police Detective Bureau, Det. C. Cunningham 973-509-4716.

On 03/22/2014, at approx. 5:09 pm, Officers took a report from a Glen Ridge resident who reported the theft of her wallet. The victim came into Police Hq. to report shopping at several different locations, some of which are in Montclair when she discovered that her wallet was missing out of her purse. Subsequent to discovering her wallet missing, she received a call from American Express regarding her card being used at a CVS in Bloomfield, NJ. She then discovered that other credit cards had been used and attempted at various locations. Anyone with any information is urged to call the Montclair Police Detective Bureau, Det. Singleton at 973-509-4722.


On 03/21/2014, at approx. 6:42 pm, Officers responded to a Midland Avenue address on report of a possible luring incident involving a juvenile male. Upon arrival, it was reported by the mother of a 12 year old boy that while walking South on Midland Avenue from Watchung Avenue, on the West side of the street a white sedan pulled up where the young man was walking and the driver stated, “boy, get in the car”. The young man ignored the driver and continued walking South and the vehicle drove away without incident. The incident is said to have occurred at 5:30 pm. The driver is described as a black male in his late 30’s early 40’s with a mustache. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Montclair Police Juvenile Aid Bureau at 973-509-4733.


On 03/19/2014, at approx 7:30 pm, Officers took a report from a Montclair woman regarding some type of possible flim-flam situation that occurred at Lackawanna Plaza. The victim explained that she entered Lackawanna Plaza from the East side of the building to purchase a coffee. As she attempted to exit the plaza, she was approached by two females described as follows:

Suspect #1 – younger than Suspect 2, 5’08” – 5’10”, thin build, wearing a dress with a jacket, heavy make-up, and a wig

Suspect #2 – Older than Suspect 1, 5’6” – 5’08”, average to heavy build, wearing pants with a jacket, heavy make-up and a wig.

The two approached the victim and stated that they found a wallet. A ladies black patent leather wallet with a single zipper that contained money was shown. The two stated that they would share the money with the victim if she would help them. They never specifically stated what they wanted. The victim stated to the two, that they should just call the police if they found someone’s property and she tried to walk away from them. It was further reported that the two continued to show a wad of cash and badger the victim to help them. The victim got to the parking lot and unlocked her car with the remote when the two actors jumped into her car. One got into the front seat and one got into the back. The victim began to scream at the two to get out of her car and that she was going to call the police. The two then exited the vehicle and walked through the lot toward the TD Bank. The victim got in her car and left the area. It is unknown where the two women went. If anyone has seen these two women, know who they are or has any information they are urged to contact the Montclair Police Detective Bureau, DSgt. W. Young at 973-509-4719.

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  1. I’m amazed someone had the balls to report being robbed while attempting to purchase weed. That’s a new one.

  2. he can only go one place for that type of protection as Henry Hill put it in Goodfellas. “That’s what it’s all about. That’s what the FBI can never understand – that what Paulie and the organization offer is protection for the kinds of guys who can’t go to the cops. They’re like the police department for wiseguys.”

  3. Such a situation as mtc4life professes to see as a “new one” was a staple of Jay Leno’s old “Stupid Criminals” segments on The Tonight Show, remains a staple of the “Weird But True” feature in the Post, which is all wire service pickups.

    I thus suspect mtc4life just needs more exposure to pop culture.

  4. omg. how many times do we have to read about people not locking their doors! note to residents on pine street, please lock your doors!

    sorry but i would never do any shopping in lackawanna plaza, and unlocking your car doors while 2 people are haggling you .. not wise either!

  5. So why is what happens at Lackawanna Plaza tolerated? Is there no video footage of the two women who jumped in this person’s car? I drove through Pine Street Friday night and was happy to see some plainclothes detectives hemming up some undesirables. I haven’t seen some proactive enforcement like that in some time. I notice the bad guys have a habit of walking in the street despite the presence of perfectly good sidewalks. Perhaps that’s why it’s called “street culture”.

  6. stewart, not sure I understand your coded message. What could you possibly mean by “undesireables”?

  7. …………it’s not clear when the jewelry was stolen, sometime since Thanksgiving …….but they knew the value, down to $12,971 ?

  8. dave, it sounds fishy but I’ve been in the same position. Sounds like they were having work done and they realized things were missing after months of people coming in and out. You don’t really think to check your valuables on a regular basis but then you find that things are missing.
    If you want to file a insurance claim you have to file a police report and the police want to know when you last saw the missing items. You know what’s missing, but not when it was taken so you have to go back to the last time you knew an item was where it supposed to be.

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