Montclair Schools’ Spring Break Will Be Shorter to Make Up For Snow Days

 Spring Break

Montclair Schools had 7 snow days this winter. Three were built into the calendar, which left four days to make up the required 180 days. Kids made up two days during February break — the 18th and 19th —and the district announced that school would be in session on Friday, May 23, but that left one more day.

The Board approved the revised calendar at Monday’s meeting, which adds Friday, April 25 as a make up day for the 7th snow day, making spring break one day shorter.

See the amended calendar here and tell us if you’ll be sending your kids in on April 25. If not, is it because you’ll be on vacation?

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  1. Once you hit HS, and if you have someone involved in a spring sport (i.e., track and field, boys and girls lacrosse, boys volleyball, softball, baseball, crew, boys tennis), “Spring Break” is only a vague memory. 🙁

  2. This is what makes people crazy. The Friday of Spring Break? NO education will be going on, enough of the staff and students will be gone to insure that NOTHING of any education consequence will be done.

    Except the precious day counted towards the 180.

    I don’t blame the BOE or the Governor (I believe he can waive the 180 day requirement). No. I blame Mother Nature. She was enjoying herself, letting us have a snowy winter, and we, of course, FREAK OUT show that we don’t value education. Just numbers.

    Well at least they didn’t so Saturday School like some districts.

    At least.

  3. Having to change Spring Break Travel Plans because of this = First World problems.
    Annoying, yes. But really, it’s just that. Annoying.

  4. No education would be going on if they added June 24th. I taught for 15 years and I never wanted to make the year longer to go another day in hot June. I think this was the best choice, even though it all stinks because of this awful winter.

  5. Change travel plans for this? C’mon. Spring Break trip with family? If yes– just go. Who cares about school?

    No kid will ever remember one day at school, but will always remember time spent with family (especially on vacation).

    Don’t be so beholden to school. It’s important yes. But plenty of learning takes place outside the school room.

    So, by the power invested in me to comment by the Hyper-Local Blog Barianet, I hereby waive your need to change your travel plans.

  6. Oh, and I would vote to add a day to the end of the school year. At the very least a day added allows from the possibility (although I bet $1 it wouldn’t happen)- the possibility- for continuity of instruction. Whereas, one day during of an off week certainly leaves little.

    No biggie for me. I gotta work regardless. So—- take away the entire Spring Break and make them go till July!!!

  7. Adding a school-day either at the end of spring break or at the end of the school year is pointless. But, as for continuity, after the last set of assessments that students are now subjected to for the year, what could they possibly do on the last day of school?

    More importantly prof…you work? Wouldn’t have guessed it based on the copious amount of posts.

  8. (In truth, stepping away and writing here is fun for me. I have to think and write quickly, often pulling bits of info from memory and thoughts, or linking to something I read. Scary, huh?)

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