Brookdale Park Gets New Stations of Fitness

brookdale fitnessEssex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. wants you to shape up and get fit.

Earlier this month, the county exec discussed recent and upcoming improvements to Essex County Brookdale Park, including the installation of roadway and pathway lighting throughout the park, at a groundbreaking for a new 18-station fitness course around the perimeter walking path of the park.

brookdale fitness 2The stations, which are still under construction, will replace older fitness stations around the park.

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Photos: Bernadette Baum

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  1. People rarely use those fitness stations and they fall into disrepair. I think they are a waste of $$ and a blight on the park. (so there!)

  2. In my daily run through (ok, 3 times a week) the park, I noticed these “stations.” The old ones went unused mostly, but there are new lights, and benches. So…..

    I only don’t like that some of the more “wild” sections of the park are being tamed a bit.

    And watch out for the Montclair Bear!!!

  3. Wow, first 2 comments are negative on improving the Par-Course, or is it ParC-ourse. Let me balance that out a bit. The field surface, the track, the play-grounds, the pathways, the restrooms, the dog park, the seasonal cleanups, the lighting, the overall management and maintenance, is all supurb. I know speak for thousands sayiong Thank you for this gem of a park.

  4. I’m in Brookdale everyday and do see people using the few that are still standing. I agree, this park is a true gem and is worth all of the long-term improvements being made to it.

  5. The county has done a great job controlling traffic in Brookdale Park. I remember a time when, especially in the evenings during warm weather, the perimiter road was so filled with cars, motorcycles and loiterers, it literally took ten minutes to drive from the Watchung Avenue entrance to exit on Grove Steet. The carbon monoxide levels were intolerable, and after the scoundrels left, trash littered the entire park.

  6. Seriously, ignore the first 2 comments — this is a beautiful park and I’d like it to stay that way.

  7. Oh, silverleaf, you are reminding me of my high school and college days, before the barriers were put up, when kids would cruise around the park in circles all evening long, checking each other out, American Graffiti style.

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