Montclair Council To Discuss Nishuane Well at Meeting Tomorrow Night

nishuane well flyer

Residents of the 4th Ward received an email blast alerting them to the Township council’s April 29 meeting where the Nishuane Water Well would be discussed, says Councilor Renee Baskerville. She writes…

In case it is the will of The Council to provide an additional water source for our township, and just in case it is the will of the council to activate the Nishuane Water Well……we should be prepared with options.

We will be presenting several options for providing additional water to the Township Council at our April 29th meeting. To date, no formal council action has been taken regarding a) the need for an additional water source….or b) activating Nishuane Water Well.

I have been working tirelessly with Gary and Marc to create several options to the original Nishuane Water Well plan just in case the council decides that there is a need. Certainly to take an area of approximately 40×40 feet from Green Acres Open Space is not an option for me.

Looking at options was done as a proactive measure…..I am not in favor of taking the open space at Nishuane, which I value as a community treasure, for the purpose of building an above ground well house and pumping station. As we develop and build in Montclair, those of us who value the open spaces and the tree-lined streets and the parks and creating and preserving open, green areas throughout the township and planting trees….to improve and protect our environment and our carbon foot print, must become more proactive in our preservation efforts. As you are aware, the well already exists below ground.

Tuesday’s meeting will be the first time that the entire council will learn about the options for providing additional water for our township, as a group. Council will be informed about several of the options for providing additional water ……… JUST IN CASE……, the council decides that it will be in the best interest of our township to have an additional water source. Nothing has been decided, yet.

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  1. Thank you Renee for alerting the community to the importance of the Water Department’s presentation on the Nishuane Well at the council meeting tomorrow evening. Also, I so agree with you that first we must see convincing evidence that there is actually a need for a new pumping station and water treatment facility and then we need to know that all alternatives to desecrating the green space of Carey’s Woods have been well researched. Let’s hope we have a good turnout so that the public gets to voice their opinions and concerns.

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