Spice Up Your Kitchen with Cooking Classes at 73 See Gallery


The Spices for Life class

As we drag ourselves out of a dreary, truly challenging winter season, it’s time to wake up our meals and kitchens and spice up springtime! Local nutritionist and all around health expert Juli-Anne Royes Russo, who has  Ph.D in Nutritional Science, is offering up a series of  inspirational cooking classes that are sure to motivate any budding chef — or lapsed home cook. Held surrounded by art at the 73 See Gallery, the four different cooking demo classes, which run through April, have something for kitchen connoisseurs of every level. Take one class or all four — classes are $25 per session and include techniques, samples, and great company.

If you’re like me, you’ve dutifully purchased a spice set with the hope that keeping them at home will magically make food more tasty and exciting, but in the end it’s the oregano and chili powder that disappear while the remainder of the glass containers remain full. The Spices for Life class will focus on the 10 spices everyone should have, including health benefits and techniques to maximize flavor with spice. Hurry! This class is offered this week!

Ms. Royes Russo will share her expert nutritional and cooking techniques.
Ms. Royes Russo will share her expert nutritional and cooking techniques.

During these transitional months, there are lots of vegetables and fruits with which to create healthy and tasty salads. All Sorts of Salads includes salad combinations, a basic vinaigrette, and introduces innovative flavor combinations that make a salad a meal.

With three basic sauces, dinners are a breeze. Pastas, meats, vegetables can all be “sauced up” to make a tasty meal. Juli-Anne Royes Russo will teach her class to create a pesto, a tomato sauce, and a béchamel that can be refrigerated or frozen to use when you’re in a rush. Check out Green, Red and White Sauces for Every Day!

Learn how to bring a taste of Spain and the Mediterranean to your home with Small Dishes — tapas, mezzes, and antipasti are the focus of this inventive class. Perfect for entertaining or an appetizer, small plates provide variety as well as flavor. Learn how to make tortilla patata, baba ganoush, crostini, and hummus — and be a host with true flavor!

Class Information
73 See Gallery at 73 Pine Street, Suite C.
Thursdays – 7 pm-9 pm
Each class is $25 due upon registration. See details and register online

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  1. One of the great things about living in this area is the wealth and depth of expertise we have all around us. Juli-Anne’s experience is one delicious example. I highly recommend signing up for one (or a few) of these classes!

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