Teach the Kids Some History with Sugar Free Allstars Vinyl Release of “My Daddy’s Record Collection”

My Daddy's Record Collection

National Record Store Day is on Saturday, April 19, and kindie rockers Sugar Free Allstars are celebrating indie stores with their first-ever vinyl 45 release of the single My Daddy’s Record Collection.

My Daddy’s Record Collection celebrates the joys of analog music, from the perspective of a young child who digs his dad’s “vinyl connection.” The song’s retro feel-good vibe reflects the vintage funky soul sound of the Sugar Free Allstars:

“This is still the best-sounding medium,” says Wiser.  He notes that while vinyl sales are soaring over the past year, “it’s rare for family music to be released in this format.”

Families who purchase the 45 ($5) will also receive a download card to access a high-quality digital version of both songs.



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  1. God, if I hear one more person telling me how great vinyl I’ll die. Vinyl, like radio, like newspapers, like network tv are dying (I’d say dead). And the idea that sales are increasing begs the question: If you sold 10 last year and 15 this year, that’s a 50% increase.

    The numbers are so small they are irrelevant. (CBS is crowing about it’s medium age going lower with Colbert to 42 years old.) Kids today don’t care, use, or think about these things that many of us were brought up on. Late night TV will follow radio. Rather, TV will follow radio.

    They live in a different world. They like Vinyl the way I liked my grandfather’s suspenders- they were cute, maybe I’d even use them. But they require buttons on my pants, and a whole lot of work. Easier to use a belt.

    (Oh, and remind me how great scratches, skips and using a penny on the needle were again. I can’t seem to remember through my rose colored memory.)

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