Essential Life Skills For a Confident College Experience: #1 Assertiveness

AssertivenessThe first essential life for a confident college experience is:


  • Familial
  • Social
  • Academic
  • Expressing needs, concerns in an effective, direct way using “I”
  • Being persistent when necessary

Essential because students will need to navigate their own life in college in all arenas.

Parents can develop this by being a role model. Encourage this type of behavior with you, teachers, friends, coaches, school  administration

Throughout the week we are going to highlight one life skill daily, with pointers for parents of teens and college students. You can truly empower them to be real about their lives and build the muscles for the college experience, and competent independence.


Maureen P. Tillman, L.C.S.W., is the founder and director of College with Confidence, a comprehensive psychotherapy service, with offices in Maplewood and Morristown, that supports parents and young adults through the college experience.


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