Montclair Child Saved From Koi Pond

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 Koi Pond

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This just in from Montclair Police Department, a reminder to take precautions when water is near:

At 10:53 am this morning Officer Stefano Barillari was on routine patrol when he noticed that the front door of a residence on John Street was open.Thinking that a burglary may be in progress or may already have taken place, Officer Barillari stopped to investigate. He immediately noticed that he could hear the faint sounds of a child crying and decided to look for the child before investigating the open door.

Officer Barillari walked toward the sound of the child and found an 18 month old male, submerged up to his chest in water, in a Koi pond, in the front yard of a home next door to the house with the open door. Officer Barillari rescued the child who had obviously fallen into the pond and was unable to get out.

Although no injuries were evident an ambulance was called just to make sure. Officer Barillari went to the residence that he had originally noticed with the open door and located the child’s grandparents. The grandparents were nervous and scared for the child but grateful that Officer Barillari was able to bring him home safe and healthy.

An immediate investigation into the incident revealed that the grandparents had been watching the child for his mother who was at work. They claimed that the child, although only 18 months old, must have opened the door by himself to get out. This was confirmed with the child’s mother via telephone that the child is in fact able to open doors on his own.

The child’s mother and grandparents were given a few safety tips on how better to secure their home to prevent this type of incident from occurring again and they agreed to take proper measures to better secure their home.




  1. POSTED BY CMEinmontclair  |  May 16, 2014 @ 2:00 pm

    wow! crisis averted — it’s nice to read a story that actually has a happy ending for once.

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