NJ Spotlight: What You Won’t Find in Bridgegate Documents

Governor ChristieJust one email.

The internal review of the office of Gov. Chris Christie in the wake of the Bridgegate and Sandy funding scandals yielded 4,612 pages — that included summaries of interviews with 75 people, plus dozens of emails and text messages from top Christie staffers. But the only shred of primary-source evidence from Christie himself is an email written on Dec. 6, 2013, the eve of the resignation of David Wildstein, who engineered the lane closures at the George Washington Bridge.

“Try this,” Christie wrote to spokesman Michael Drewniak. The governor said he wanted to add a line to the Wildstein resignation statement that thanks him “for his service to the people of New Jersey and the region.”

But why does the internal review contain no further emails or texts from the governor himself? And what does that mean about where the Bridgegate investigation may be going?

To Randy Mastro, the taxpayer-funded lawyer whom Christie hired to conduct the investigation, the lack of other emails and texts “is evidence that [Christie] had no involvement in the decision, no prior knowledge of the lane realignment, and that’s what the evidence showed, and that’s what we reported in the report.”

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  1. I am telling you, it’s a flimflam not unlike the one committed at the Valley Rd. Quick Check the other day, except I don’t think our Guv did the flatfooted floy floy because–well, just because I don’t picture him floy-floying, is all.

  2. That he is guilty.

    Ha ha! He very well may not be, but I don’t think a report commissioned by him is going to be a reliable authority. Check out the list of people they didn’t interview.

    Herb. So gullible.

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