5 Ways to Keep Cool the Next Few Days

water play

The next few days are going to be hot and humid. You and the kids are going to need some relief.

Here are five ways to keep cool:

1) Water party!  Get out the buckets, super soakers, water balloons and sprinklers and have fun! “Tub” is a fun water game.

2) Check out your pool options here and don’t forget our pool safety tips. Don’t forget that sunscreen either! Local dermatologist Dr. Jeanine Downie offers great advice here.

3) Cool off with ice cream or Italian Ice at a local shop. Or make an Ice Cream Pizza.

Ice Cream Pizza

4) Go to a Spray Park! There’s one in  Lyndhurst and one in Scotch Plains.

Lyndhurst Spray Park

5) Head to a beach on the Jersey Shore

Whatever you do,  remember that heats this extreme are especially dangerous for kids, particularly little kids. Check out our Heat Safety Tips from a local pediatrician.




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