CulinAriane Gets A New Kitchen…In Verona

CulinAriane will depart its expanded space (pictured) on Walnut Streets for Verona space with liquor license.
CulinAriane will depart its expanded space (pictured) on Walnut Street for a new location in Verona with a liquor license.
CulinAriane, a Montclair institution whose owners Ariane and Michael Duarte have made their restaurant a must-dine destination, are leaving their Walnut Street bistro in Montclair.

The new location will be in Verona, the former home of O’Neill ’s Restaurant and Pub on Bloomfield Avenue.

“It’s going to be a bigger space, so we can have more diners,” Ariane told Baristanet.

The news was announced officially last night at Montclair Food and Wine Festival (more on the Festival. Ariane was one of six contributing chefs at the festival’s Gala Dinner last night, held at The Manor in West Orange (more on the Festival itself to come).

The former Top Chef contender says there will be other changes besides location.

“We are going to be a bit more casual in our approach to food.” And there’s another draw which made the decision a no brainer: a liquor license.

Their current digs, on the corner of Walnut and Pine, once housed Kimiko’s, a Japanese Restaurant. Shortly after moving in Ariane and Michael doubled the size of their space by taking over the business next door.

Fans who have a special attachment to the current Montclair location have plenty of time to visit before the new restaurant opens. Their last service will be on August 31st.
Have fond memories of dining at Montclair’s CulinAriane? Share them in comments.

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  1. Just as I had heard. Sad, but even success has a price attached. Oh well, a short drive up the Ave not so bad, but ugh, that light at Bloomfield and Pompton!

  2. So sad! Met the love of my life at CulinAriane, and in the four years since we’ve shared so many special meals there. We’ll certainly follow Ariane and Michael to their new place, which will be fabulous, undoubtedly—but it won’t be quite the same!

  3. Montclair’s loss is Verona’s gain. I’ll drive to Verona for Ariane’s cooking anytime…Best of luck in your new location, Ariane!

  4. As far as I’m concerned, any change regarding CulinAriane is bad–bad! Why can’t all good things go on forever?

    Ariane and Michael are my favorite culinary couple. They are too cute by halves. They obviously love what they do, and that is obvious when you walk into the place. They have good karma. I’m sure their new place will be great. I will definitely give it a shot. I’ll be interested to see if they stay open for a greater portion of the week or succumb to the temptations of growth…

  5. And someone please tell me again what the difference is between Montclair and Verona? Oh, that’s right: Verona is not part of Baristaville. Bad Verona! With her culinary chops I am surprised they are not reopening in Manhattan or (gulp!) Brooklyn. But the lure of the liquor license is much too good an investment to pass up. If they are smart (and they are) they will find a number of bottles that can be reasonably priced and still complement their food. Good luck to you and thanks for the lovely meals we have had in your old store.

  6. great restaurant – maybe the best in town. In their new space maybe you can get a reservation easier but BYO is a big deal and big part of what makes dining in Montclair so great. Why pay $10/glass of wine when you can pay $15-$20/bottle and bring it with you to any number of good restaurants in the area?

    Also, don’t look now but Bloomfield is making a run at becoming a restaurant mecca as well. Broad St has a few excellent spots that are BYO and Ornage Squirrel (with liquor license) is very similar in quality to CulinArian.

  7. It’s sad for Montclair. And the idea of a more casual menu? Nooooooo.
    The current offerings are perfection!

  8. Anybody know what happened here? I don’t see any announcement on their Web site and 31 August is long gone.

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