Get Ready to ‘Get Down’: Glitz & Glam Kids Family Dance Parties in Montclair

Glitz & Glam KidsLet’s be honest. Music classes eventually lose their magic and toddler tumbling sessions can become a drag. Sometimes we need a new activity to shake up our schedules. So when Barista Kids learned about the new Glitz & Glam Kids family dance parties in Montclair, we were eager to learn more.

Barista Kids sat down with event planner and Glitz & Glam Kids creator Keyana Tennant who told us all about these fun events.

BK: What are Glitz & Glam Kids family dance parties?
Tennant: These are monthly themed parties that the whole family can enjoy. We always have entertainment, like face painting and balloon twisters and characters as well as games, free raffles, food and drinks. We also have a DJ and, of course, dancing.  If you schedule a birthday party during one of the events, your guests can enjoy pizza and cake. Every family also leaves with a free family photo and free giveaways from local businesses.  And we have vendors just in case our attendees want to do a little shopping in between the fun.

BK: Sounds like all the makings of a fabulous time.
Tennant: It truly is. And the parties are inspiring, too. We carve out time between dancing and entertainment to showcase the children’s talents. Last month we had tumblers and at the June 29th party we will have a two year old DJ.

BK: Did you say that a two year old will be DJ’ing part of your next party?
Tennant: Yes… he dances, too.

BK: Of course he does.
Tennant: I think it’s important to show kids that they can inspire and teach each other. Talent has no age requirement and I hope these parties can inspire, engage, empower and encourage kids to be great and have a good time.


Glitz & Glam Kids

BK: You mentioned that these are family events. Is there an ideal age range for the kids?
Tennant: I think kids ages one through ten will really enjoy the entertainment and the music. And we have had children that were a little older who also had a great time. These parties are not geared towards teenagers, though. We definitely cater to youngsters. And don’t forget, this is for the whole family. We encourage parents to dance also.

BK: Do you have any details about upcoming parties that you can share?
Tennant: As I mentioned, on June 29 we will have our two year old DJ as our ‘child talent.’ We will also have a dance instructor to get everyone up on the dance floor. July will be a ‘glow in the dark’ party (but not too dark) with some break dancers from the Bronx. And I’m working on bringing in double-dutchers for August. I’d like to introduce some of the flavor from the parents’ childhoods.

BK: Where and when are the parties held?
Tennant: The parties are held monthly at the Loft at 8 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, NJ.  They run from 1 – 4 pm, but be prepared… the kids always complain they don’t want to leave. Prices run up to $15 a person, but I usually run a special and a discount for families of four or more.

Glitz & Glam Kids

For more information, email Keyana or visit online




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