Northeast School’s Mr. Larrea Created an Awesome Art Exhibit!

unnamedWhile all of these Toast to the Teacher parties are going on in Monclair, it’s the perfect time to send a virtual shout out to Mr. Jorge Larrea, Northeast School’s gem of an art teacher. He is in his second year at the school, and everyone hopes he stays a very long time. He is one of those kind, caring people who gets to know every student, works before and after school hours, brainstorms creative projects for the kids and organizes the kids’ artistic endeavors like a pro. And his mosaic tiles he helps kids make in the school kiln are so beautiful! This man’s creativity and brilliance just shine. 

Northeast’s End of the School Year picnic was this past Wednesday. And Mr. Larrea created an all-school art exhibit in the gym. It has an around-the-world theme appropriate for our global magnet. Every class did creative studies on different countries from Africa to Paris. The pleasant surprise was the Pantheon of Art that Mr. Larrea created in the middle of the gym. It was dark inside but lit from the top so the different projects were visible. It pretty much blew away students, teachers and parents alike.

Great teachers deserve great thanks. Happy summer to Mr. Larrea–and to so many of our educators who have done their best this year. Kids are getting a great art background–and learning to love it–thanks to enthusiastic, fun people like Jorge Larrea. (He is pictured, aabove, with my Annabelle, around this week’s exhibit that took him days and days to put up. He was so happy–and a little exhausted–when I had the chance to chat with him.)

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