Bellevue Avenue Library Celebrates 100 Years With Centennial Music Mondays

bellevue library
A 2013 Muic Mondays performance

The Montclair Public Library system is celebrating the 1914 opening of the Bellevue Avenue Library, the town’s landmark Carnegie Library with Centennial Music Mondays throughout the summer.

The Friends of the Bellevue Avenue Library with the support of the Montclair Public Library present the music celebration on Mondays, 6 – 8 pm, in the plaza at 185 Bellevue Avenue in Upper Montclair. The free concerts will be held on July 14July 21July 28August 11August 18 and August 25.

On July 14 you will be entertained by the unique musical stylings of William Mallory. Mallory started playing guitar and took lessons since the second grade under world-renowned jazz guitarist Eddie Hazel, but the piano became his primary instrument in life as he was signed to Atlantic Records in 1988 by owner Ahmet Ertegun. “Music is magic to me- it heals, cures, and lifts me out of the chaos and turbulence that life throws, especially artistically, as I play to receive comfort from the sounds that I make, and the lyrics that I write, converting my inner feelings and emotions into songs.” said Mallory. 

“I played the Monday Night Music Series last summer, as it was a wonderful experience. The evening was filled with beautiful weather and people. Growing up, the Library was a special and magical place for me. There should be no reason any Library should close for any reason. I feel obliged and honored to support the Montclair Bellevue Branch Library in any way I know how.”

This summer long music series continues on July 21 with musician extraordinaire Julian Paul Keenan.  Keenan is a kid from the 60’s with musical interests ranging from Coltrane and Miles to Zeppelin and the Dead. He is a virtuosic guitar player that through modern engineering has transformed his ax into a one man solo show.

His most recent album is One Bad American. He played all the instruments on this album for the now defunct band Let it Slide. 

A singer and guitarist, Keenan lives two lives. As a solo artist, he tries to find the most authentic blues tones and emotions by layering his guitar on top of deep and rich mixes and samples. As a band player, he tries to stay locked into the drums. A neuroscience professor by day, Keenan blends music with the cerebrum; “It’s all right-brained, I don’t venture anywhere close to the corpus callosum.”

The performers for the remaining dates will be announced later.

This Centennial Music series is made possible by the generous contribution of time and energy of Alma Schneider, founder and director of Parents Who Rock, and Ed Carine of The Serendipity Café.

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