Kids Craft: Printable Paper Fortune Tellers

fortune tellers

Paper fortune tellers, what we referred to as “cootie catchers,” when I was a kid, are fun little origami tools for predicting someone’s future.

Here are two printable fortune tellers that our crafty contributor Jen Lange designed in cute animal designs (a pig an a penguin) to personalize with your own fortunes and play with your friends. 

Print them out, fold them like so:


Write a fortune under each number.

Need some suggestions for fortunes? Here are some fun ones:

  • You will meet the person of your dreams
  • You will have many friends.
  • Someone will text you today
  • You will have a job scooping elephant poop (My 7 year old’s idea.)
  • You’ll have bad luck today.

Find a friend to play!


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