Protest Planned at Ted Nugent Concert at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair


On TuesdaTed Nugent y, July 22, music performer Ted Nugent is scheduled to appear at Montclair’s Wellmont Theater and unhappy locals plan to protest and form a picket line in front of the theater.

On a Facebook page titled “Protest Ted Nugent in Montclair,” the message is:

Notorious racist, sexist, homophobic, gun-toter, Ted Nugent will be playing at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair , NJ on the evening of Tuesday, July 22, 2014. First answer here and say that you will come to a picketline if they don’t cancel him, and then call the Wellmont at (973) 783-9500 and let them know you will be picketing outside if they don’t cancel him!

At the moment, 70 people say they will attend the protest and 15 maybes.

BlueWaveNJ sent out a newsletter asking subscribers to “Say No to Hate” and protest Nugent’s upcoming show:

BlueWaveNJ believes Mr. Nugent’s disturbing history of violent and intolerant statements – which includes racist, bigoted, homophobic comments directed at everyone from the President, former Secretary of State, victims of gun violence and their parents, to black people, gay people, women, immigrants and any who do not share his backwards and extremists views – go well beyond the bounds of acceptable by any standards.

We find his odious comments hateful and contrary to the values and norms of a tolerant and diverse community such as Montclair. Because many of Mr. Nugent’s incendiary comments have come during live performances, we believe the Wellmont Theater should NOT provide a platform here for the further espousal of such views, so contrary to the values and norms of Montclair and potentially hurtful and offensive to its residents. 

We encourage our members and all who share our view to speak out against this performance, against the appropriateness of bringing Ted Nugent to Montclair and to also join us to protest such intolerance.

Calls to the theater have so far not been returned – we need to make more noise in order to get their attention. The owners and management of the Wellmont need to hear  from Montclair and Essex County residents in large numbers – there is no place in a welcoming and diverse community for Ted Nugent or his brand of hatred.

How do you feel about Ted Nugent? If you don’t like him, will you join he protest? Or will you be attending the concert?

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  1. No one takes this loser seriously. Don’t give him any attention by protesting.

    I wager there will be more people outside the venue than ticket holders inside.

  2. And the protest will only embolden him. He’ll (rightly) feel as if he has a right to say, and use a gun. All while laughing at those who will protest his freedoms.

    relax people has it right, just ignore him.

    But they won’t and Mr. Nugent will get exactly what he wants.

    And so will the protesters.

    Oh, and I will be protesting upcoming Welmont performer, Frank Caliendo because he’s dressed up in Blackface imitating Charles Barkley.

    Who’s with me?

  3. “No one takes this loser seriously” — except for the Texas Congressman who invited him to the SOTU address … and all the members of Congress who swarmed around him … and all the media that covered it. This is America – he is entitled to perform here – and people are also entitled to protest his appearance. So much negativity and downright rudeness here; calling people idiots … it’s called civil action and it’s all good. Peace out you guys!

  4. “Oh, and I will be protesting upcoming Welmont performer, Frank Caliendo because he’s dressed up in Blackface imitating Charles Barkley.”

    —good lord, you are an obsequious jackboot licker, aren’t you prof?

  5. “Only idiots have time to protest idiots…”

    —but only geniuses have time to post anonymous comments on local blogs?

  6. From what I understand, he’s always welcome in the Caldwells, based on THEIR politics!

  7. Does anyone in Montclair object to Sublime playing at the Wellmont?? Maybe songs about promoting date rape and domestic violence are OK as long as their politics are acceptable. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang maybe lame but harmless in comparison.

  8. Pretty sure that song does not promote date rape. The rapist gets it in the end, so to speak.

  9. Ironic, considering Montclair considers itself so tolerant, diverse and accepting. Guess that’s only extended to those walking lock-step with its values? Maybe if Nugent rode a bike to the concert he’d be more warmly embraced?

    Instead of protesting his free speech, what they should be protesting is the cost of tickets for an act that has at most three good songs, two of which were done with an ensemble group. (That’d be the Damn Yankees for those wondering.)

  10. Montclair is only tolerant of those with similar (liberal) views.

    Listening to friends at events, get togethers, etc. around town, it’s surprising how intolerant, those tolerant folks are.

    But don’t tell them, they live in Montclair.

    And Montclair is tolerant.

  11. I am patiently waiting for the good people of Montclair, the most liberal town in America, to open their arms to the Mexican children pouring across the border. Maybe a better use for the hotel would be an orphanage. We should practice what we preach and support the politicians we elected….and wouldn’t opening our homes to the less fortunate be a better use of our resources than patronizing another fancy high priced restaurant, film festival, or make-up store? Maybe Montclair is only liberal until it gets inconvenient…..boycotts and protests are fun and radical…so 60’s! Doing something meaningful….where’s the fun in that?

  12. The children coming across the border, flip, are not Mexican. They are from Hondorus, El Salvador, and other Central American countries. See, if they were Mexican, they could be immediately returned to Mexico. But under the law passed by Congress and signed by President Bush, they MUST receive a hearing here in the United States before they can be sent anywhere.

    But hey, “where’s the fun” in actually knowing what you’re talking about?

  13. Doesn’t matter where they are from…let them in. Better yet, if some kid has the ambition and ability to make it from El Salvador to the Mexican border on their own maybe they should be here.

  14. Considering the fact he is a racist, sexist, homophobic pedophile, if he reflects your values or the values of your party, you might want to check that.

    And for those saying he has freedom of speech, no on is arguing that. But there are consequences to what you say. I personally don’t think he believes the crap he spews but it is the only way for this untalented idiot to be relevant.

  15. maybe we can swap Montclairians (start with those: who protest someone elses right to free speech; vandalized the stop sign on my street (and electrical box on the telephone pole); and think shooting is an acceptable way to settle a problem) for those who have the ambition to risk their lives to come here for a chance to work and make a better life.

  16. Lisaann – i am no ted nugent fan and know of him as an outspoken hunter and NRA advocate who hates Obama (BTW that is not unique to him alone). I missed the part where he is a pedophile. can you let me know what he did to make you say that? I would protest a pedophile having a platform in Monclair – but the other stuff is his right IMO.

  17. what a kind, tolerant soul the prof is, standing up for the rights of racists like ted nugent. what a great guy.

    spit shine those boots, prof…

  18. Power beyond the people! In one week, the Baristanet crowd has taken down Land’s End and Ted Nugent!

    Ted is loving the attention…You’re playing right into him.

  19. I doubt Courtney Love has any credibility in any circles. I also don’t think anyone here is defending Ted Nugent…it is more a case of stirring the pot because people get so upset when a clown says something they don’t like (Nugent) and go gaga when a clown says something they like (Bill Maher). Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Ted Nugent…our society gives out a lot of free passes.

  20. It always makes me laugh when conservatives call out liberals for doing the tolerance thing all wrong.

  21. Don’t think it’s about doing the tolerance thing right or wrong it’s about making it a talking point in the first place.

  22. flip, c’mon. cro’s right on the money- know what you speak.

    To that, the law passed by Bush was, as the NYTimes described it the other day: “Originally pushed by a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers as well as by evangelical groups to combat sex trafficking, the bill gave substantial new protections to children entering the country alone who were not from Mexico or Canada by prohibiting them from being quickly sent back to their country of origin.”

    It was a law to prevent sex trafficking, of which all the horrors I’ve read, is not one of the reasons all those kids are coming here.

    But the law requires a hearing. So, the question is, who’s in charge here to see that hearings are done? Certainly not Obama, who can’t seem to even decide it the “optics” are in his favor if he should even visits the border or not.

    And by sending these kids to other States without informing those (some Democrat) Governors, Obama seems to be (again, sadly) letting events get ahead of him.

    Thankfully, Obama will have a few weeks in Martha’s Vineyard to clear out his head and develop a plan.

    This will get worse, before it gets better. And those poor children will be scared and alone.

  23. He’s not exactly Gary Glitter….In the artisti/misic community you have:

    Roman Polanski, the book Lolita, Jerry Lee Lewis, numerous early rock and roll songs about being in love with underage girls “Sweet Little 16, etc..”, the Kinks song ‘Art Lover’, Steely Dan’s song “Everyone’s gone to the Movies”, Jimmy Page kidnapping a 14 year old, R. Kelly, Chuck Berry, Papa John Phillips, Elvis, Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, the song My Sharona by the Knack and how their singer was in love w/ a 16 yr old. I am sure there are more and many of these people ARE awful but if Led Zeppelin wanted to put on a show at the Wellmont, would there be protestors based on what Jimmy Page did? Or, would people protest Chris Brown coming to the Wellmont – he beat up his girlfriend and still has a career.

  24. Nellie is right…Nugent was a third rate act in the 70’s. His detractors have played a huge hand of making him more relevant now. The Republicans are too stupid to see they are being hoodwinked.

  25. @cspn55

    sorry—you’ve missed the point.

    mr. nugent’s problems are numerous. you asked for clarification on one particular item in the list.

    engaging in some stunning moral relativism, you reply as if that one item was the sole basis of the complaint, which it most certainly was not.

    hope this helps with your confusion here.

  26. In my whole liberal life I have never called or considered myself tolerant. I don’t have liberal friends who call or consider themselves tolerant either. I hate bigots and have been very open about that. Tolerant is a label that has been put on us in an attempt to make us seem weak or silly because they had no better argument.

    Oh and I’m not buying a ticket to Sublime either.

  27. Not sure what you mean flipside. Tolerance is an actual thing, not a talking point, but it’s never meant standing silent in the face of bigoty and hatred. Many commenters above, including you, seem to think that tolerance must be extended to the intollerant. It’s a two way street, and when folks try to call out those those who promote tolerance and who speak out against acts of intolerance, as being intolerant themselves for not tolerating the intolerance, it demonstates a basic misunderstanding of the concept.

  28. But the law requires a hearing. So, the question is, who’s in charge here to see that hearings are done? Certainly not Obama, who can’t seem to even decide it the “optics” are in his favor if he should even visits the border or not.

    Ah, there’s the first talking point! Obama cares about photo ops! Why won’t congress debate the 3.7 billion he’s requested, prof?

    Thankfully, Obama will have a few weeks in Martha’s Vineyard to clear out his head and develop a plan.

    There’s the second! Vacations! You are as predictable as old faithful.

    As for this idiotic Ted Nugent concert (what was the Wellmont thinking?), liberals have the right to protest what they want, just like conservatives can line up for chicken sandwiches. Funny though how often conservatives have to defend their right to be bigots.

  29. cunningham – you’ve missed the point. Lisann was throwing the kitchen sink at Nugent because she is against his outspoken views – which though I don’t really agree with him, he has every right to have. Throwing in “pedophile” based on writing a song, shacking up w/ a 17 yr old and Courtney Love’s word against his – that’s all par for the course for a ton of other acts as listed above and those acts would not be protested if they booked the Wellmont. If R. Kelly or Iggy Pop were playing nobody would be picketing them. But if R Kelly were outspoken with conservative viewpoints, then these folks would picket and also call him a pedophile.

  30. Instead of talking about Teddy, can we talk about how bad the line-up at the Wellmont sucks right now? What happened? This used to be the coolest venue in the state. Now we get D-list acts and tribute bands!

    Come on Wellmont! Get your act (acts) together!

  31. It’s now Live Nation instead of Bowery Group. Hence the change in line ups. It used to be much much much better.

  32. I know but jeez. Did Live Nation look at the previous line-up under Bowery and see what sold out? Or are they just dumping their worst acts (BB King excluded…) at the Wellmont?

  33. I saw so many great shows at the Wellmont. Now I don’t even bother to check their calendar anymore. You have to go to Englewood or Morristown to see anyone decent.

  34. @ State Street…my point is about being consistent. Many entertainers of every race make racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and other disgusting comments. When an extreme right wing jerk says something offensive everyone is appalled when a liberal says something offensive it cute. I mean Sarah Palin really is a “c” word so what’s the problem? Jay Z has 99 Problems but a “Sarah” ain’t one, so that’s ok….my point is if you are going to be outraged at Ted Nugent don’t stop there. Ted Nugent shouldn’t even be a footnote….ignore him and he will go away…protest him and he becomes relevant. He couldn’t draw a crowd in the 70’s …doubt he can now. Why help him?

  35. Those who don’t tolerate the intolerant are tolerating “tolerant-intolerance,” if you will. Remember that.

    Besides, I plan on letting some bison loose in the middle of the show. This will frighten and confuse said performer as he tries to attack them with his guitar before falling offstage.

  36. mrx, your post makes me want to have a drink, which is good because I’m trying to improve my tollerance. ba dum bum.

  37. Libs astound me – you’re all for Freedom of Speech as long as people agree with YOU. So Bill Maher isn’t unbelievable offensive calling Sarah Palin the C word among other horrendous comments? Give me a break, you don’t like Nugent because you disagree with his beliefs. The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze.

  38. CMEinmontclair, your point is well made, but does not apply to this “Lib.”

    While I consider myself to be a member of the (moderate) left, in a June 13th open post, I called Maher a “sexist pig” for called Palin the “c” word. Though she most certainly is others things.

  39. You are right. I don’t like him because I find the things he says offensive. And for the record, I don’t like Bill Maher either but he is not the topic of this thread. I didn’t realize I had to post a list of all the people I disagree with in order to get credibility.

  40. best protest method: convince friends and family not to buy a ticket

    2nd best protest: don’t buy a ticket yourself

    I’m too much of a 1st amendment fan to deny his free speech, although I don’t recall liking anything he said.

  41. Sedition is the crime of revolting or inciting revolt against government. However, because of the broad protection of free speech under the First Amendment, prosecutions for sedition are rare. Nevertheless, sedition remains a crime in the United States under 18 U.S.C.A. § 2384 (2000), a federal statute that punishes seditious conspiracy, and 18 U.S.C.A. § 2385 (2000), which outlaws advocating the overthrow of the federal government by force. Generally, a person may be punished for sedition only when he or she makes statements that create a Clear and Present Danger to rights that the government may lawfully protect (schenck v. united states, 249 U.S. 47, 39 S. Ct. 247, 63 L. Ed. 470 [1919]).

    I won’t be protesting and I’m all for free speech, but his inflammatory comments, which incite violence against a standing US president make him guilty of sedition, a crime in this country since 1918, punishable by a fine of up to 10,000 and up to 20 years imprisonment. I wish the feds would use the case of ted nugent to utilize this seldom enforced law.

  42. “…but his inflammatory comments, which incite violence against a standing US president make him guilty of sedition…”

    Did I miss the coverage about all this violence happening to President Obama? What happened? Is he OK? Wait, I’m being told there has actually not been a lick of violence associated with our President. And I thought internet forum commenters didn’t exaggerate.

  43. Ah, bannerchemical did you miss the 8 years of Bush? There was much “seditious” language directed at him. Much from those wonderfully “tolerant” liberals.

    So the idea that Obama is so precious that the speech directed at him rises to some unseen level is laughable on its face. Moreover, finding “race” in any criticism of him as many- like Charles Blow of the NYTimes seems to- is just as funny.

    With that, me thinks you are WAY OFF in your, eh, interpretation of the 1st Amendment- despite being “all for free speech.”

    Calling out the President, in even the most outrageous way, is not just protected, it is “political” speech, which is perhaps, the most protected speech there is.

  44. Obama, he’s a piece of s**t, and I told him to s**k on my machine gun. Let’s hear it for him. And then I was in New York. I said, “Hey, Hillary, you might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless b***h. Since I’m in California, how about [Senator] Barbara Boxer [D-CA], she might want to s**k on my machine gun. And [Senator] Dianne Feinstein [D-CA], ride one of these you worthless w***e. Any questions? [Ted Nugent via, accessed 10/1/12]

    Political speech? i don’t think so. more like multiple terroristic threats against the president and other high ranking members of our government.

  45. Sorry, prof, no one should be expected to be “tolerant” across the board. Lord knows Bush ( your example) deserves very little of it. Liberals have a long history of intolerance towards others who simply don’t deserve tolerance: Segregationists, reckless corporations, self-styled pious folk who seek to impose their religion on the rest of us, and the list goes on.

  46. montclairdad, it doesn’t matter if his comments, which were intended to incite his knuckle dragging, assault rifle carrying fans to violence, (how they do these 2 things simultaneously is a mystery) actually created violence or not. you can’t yell fire in a theater and you can’t threaten the life of a president.

  47. montclairdad, he said “incite violence”. Incite means to encourage or stir up, usually in a violent or unlawful way. He didn’t say that Nugent had caused violence to happen, only that he was inciting it, which seems to be accurate. I get the impression you probably already understand that little, but important, nuance, but chose to ignore it to try to be cute.

  48. bannerchemical,

    And why then wasn’t Mr. Nugent (who is an idiot) arrested, detained, or even “interviewed”?

    Because his speech– HOWEVER VILE– is protected.

    That you seem to feel otherwise, when the President, Secret Service, and the Attorney General have done nothing seems to make my point.

    Moreover, I believe there is a test the Court uses based on a ruling from the late 60’s (forgive my memory and not wanting to look it up), which includes how “imminent” the threat is. So saying “suck my machine gun” begs the question, is that a true threat RIGHT NOW, or just “colorful” language? Compare that to the same language with not just a specific time and place, but near in the time in which it was said.

    But since Mr. Nugent has happily gone on with his life after making those statements, I’d say colorful.

  49. Prof, if you are going to use real information and facts then that is going to put a real damper on people making wild insinuations and suppositions based on their imaginations.

  50. In your long history of dumb (masquerading as “humor” of a particularly flaccid kind) comments, poor old Spiro T, your comment above about people “who simply don’t deserve tolerance” is exceptionally loathsome and creepy. I’d like to believe that the attitude you expressed ios not in fact prevalent in Montclair and environs, but others’ comments above make me wonder.

    This was not the most charming thread ever seen on Baristanet, I hope others will at least agree.

  51. Good morning, cathar. Allow me to rephrase for you. One should not be tolerant of intolerable trends in society. If you find that “creepy”, so be it.

  52. It’s really not that hard folks.
    With certain very narrow exceptions, people can say what they want in this country.
    And I have a right to say I don’t like their viewpoint or find it repugnant, or totally ignore it. Or write to a company and say I won’t do business with you any more because of your affiliation with this guy. I also have a right to protest his appearance legally, or even write to the person promoting him urging them to cancel it.
    It’s called the First Amendment. It applies even when you find the message repulsive.

  53. Based on the available ticket chart on Live Nation, it looks like about 75% of the tickets for tonight’s show remain unsold. I bet that will send a lot clearer message to Livenation than 12 people standing in front with banners. Barely a ticket sold in the top sections. Been an awful long time since Cat Scratch Fever hit the airwaves.

    What would have been a great goof would have been for every liberal in town to have bought a ticket in town and not come. Ted Nugent plays shows before an entirely empty house. Now that would have gotten some press.

  54. Good morning, poor old and wearisome Spiro T. I find jerks like yourself intoleraable in a truly liberal-hearted society. Ergo, I am highly intolerant of your asinine comments and woeful attempts herein at politically tinged humor.

    There now, was that clearly phrased enough for you?

  55. The fact that the show has not sold many tickets also points out that whoever is booking for the Wellmont is doing an atrocious job.

    Othe venues (PNC, Englewood, Morristown, SOPAC, State Theater, etc) seem to get good performers and fill their calendars with multiple quality shows a week.

    For the most part the Wellmont gets has beens and performers that no-one else wants. There might be one decent show a month at best.

    I dont know how this happened and why others can get good shows, but it does not bode well for the Wellmont remaining viable.

  56. I haven’t been to the Wellmont in a couple of years mostly because the acoustics and or the sound guys are horrible. Why would a decent act put their reputation on the line in a substandard venue when there are other great places to play?

  57. So you disagree with Ted Nugent’s philosophy and politics, fine! Then don’t buy a ticket and don’t see the show. He hasn’t broken any laws, he has a right to his views (as you do yours, of course) but I don’t get the outrage. Do you think he’ll see the protesters, turn his van around and say, “The hell with it. This crowd in Montclair is the the toughest one I’ve seen yet!” He’s laughing all the way to the bank. Count how many times his name is mentioned in this thread. As I mentioned in another thread a few weeks back, I was more upset that a synagogue in West Orange had billed Peter Yarrow, a convicted pedophile, as part of their summer concert series. And no one said boo.

  58. stayhyphy, you are correct, too many liberals have been giving too many corporations too many free passes, since liberals, like conservatives, need lots of corporate money to win elections. In my view, this is unacceptable. Far more unacceptable than a Ted Nugent concert.

    cathar, hopefully your Passaic County bunker didn’t flood out again in Tuesday’s storms. I could understand your foul temperament today had you subjected yourself, yet again, to these types of preventable circumstances.

  59. I have been very disappointed since Livenation took over. The schedule of acts this year has been atrocious. Grated some weren’t my cup of tea but drew a crowd. Doesn’t seem to be any vision here other than “this guy or gal is playing New York City/Atlantic City/Philadelphia on Tuesday night and could easily go to Montclair on Monday and draw a small crowd at minimal cost and inconvenience.”
    For a town with a sizeable African American population they certainly don’t seem to be going out of its way to book popular black performers. Much more interested in older white dude retreads like Bob Weir, Ian Anderson, Yes, and of course the charming Mr. Nugent.

  60. “He hasn’t broken any laws, he has a right to his views (as you do yours, of course) but I don’t get the outrage.”

    And those that are outraged simply don’t get IT.

  61. Why does anyone care about Ted Nugent? It’s 2014; he’s irrelevant and a charlatan. Please don’t waste your time on him, BlueWave. It will only stoke his ego and make you look bad in the process.

  62. Prof. just being a stickler, but the Secret Service did meet with Nugent re: his remarks, but all involved were satisfied that he was not making threats, but speaking figuratively.

  63. Most of you posters are idiots. He has his view and you have yours. Big deal. Who cares? Free country, remember? But, thanks for reminding me he is playing in the area. Me and my friends just purchased 7 tickets. Your protests are great publicity for Uncle Ted! Thanks so much!

  64. Woo hoo! Just be careful. You might run into a black person or two on the way there. Bring your gun!

  65. It has been very interesting and illuminating to learn here that so many who post on Baristanet (especially given their quite likely upper middle class economic and social status) apparently endorse Herbert Marcuse’s truly nasty concept of “repressive tolerance.” The 60’s live! Especially in the hearts of the truly small-minded, such as poor old Spiro T.

  66. Repressive tolerance? Priceless. This is one of the most entertaining strings of comments in some time. I hope we get a review of the show from the attendees here.

  67. Quotations from Chairman Cathar:

    “poor old liberal fogey (insert name)”
    “poor old decrepit (insert name)”
    “poor old and wearisome (insert name)”
    “Poor old doddering (insert name)”

    One could easily get the impression that anyone opposed to the positions espoused and expounded by our own resident pseudo-Albigensian troll is both economically marginalized and of advanced years!

    Guess that must mean something!

  68. I’m seeing BB King at the Wellmont in October, which I’m pretty excited about! Just sayin’.

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