Are You WaterWise, Montclair?

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WaterWise MontclairWanting to reduce water consumption in the township, Montclair is embarking on a comprehensive water conservation and efficiency program called WaterWise Montclair.

The first step is offering rain barrels to township residents at a deeply-discounted price. Retailing for around $150, the Township purchased 50-gallon “Ivy”® Rain Barrels in bulk for $72 each. To encourage their use, they will be sold for $36, saving residents over $100 on a barrel.

Montclair Sustainability Officer Gray Russell says that by conserving water more effectively, and by using more water-efficient products, our community can save money and energy, help to mitigate the effects of drought, and reduce over-consumption of our most precious natural resource.

Rain barrels are a great way to capture rain, a source of clean water, and use it on your own property. Instead of channeling the rain on the roof into gutters and downspouts, and letting it flow down our driveways and over the ground, into the street and then down the municipal storm drains — picking up pollutants as it flows — to finally enter our local waterways as stormwater runoff, rain can instead be diverted into your rain barrel and then used for watering plants and irrigating your garden, conserving your use of drinking water.

Using rain barrels this way is also a stormwater management technique known as “green infrastructure” — using simple low-cost measures to reduce or slow runoff in order to prevent flooding and improve the quality of our water resources.

If you want to be WaterWise and order your Ivy® Rain Barrel, contact the office of Environmental Affairs at 973-509-5721 or email Gray Russell here.



  1. POSTED BY whippersnapper  |  July 23, 2014 @ 1:46 pm

    Our family has been using one for the last few years and its been a great investment. Cant remember where we picked it up but it is tanish plastic that’s more so faux terracotta(sp)? Has a spicket and separate hose which i’ve redone to be more maneuverable to water our potted plants in the back. Id imagine these ones are similar to the type ive seen in a similar project done in jersey city. Not the most visually appealing but nothing a creative mind cant alter. Highly recommended it if you’ve got room.

  2. POSTED BY claremont  |  July 23, 2014 @ 3:18 pm

    Interesting idea. On one hand conserving water in Montclair is a good idea and one I hope many people start. We need to conserve and this is a good start. On the other hand our town wants to build big buildings to attract more people to town. Now how does that work, on one hand they want the town to conserve yet on the other they want more people to move to town so they can use more water? I am not against adding more people to town but why don’t we look at water use, infrastructure capabilities first and then try to determine our best path. Nope not in Montclair, our TC and others go off on a rage to build without thinking first.

  3. POSTED BY Jimmytown  |  July 23, 2014 @ 4:52 pm

    Great idea! How many rain barrels will the hotel be using?

  4. POSTED BY whippersnapper  |  July 24, 2014 @ 11:00 am

    @claremont OR we start conserving water as a community and as we see an influx of residents the new norm will be conservation!

    @jimmy – a lot.

    At the rate this is going I guess these barrels will always be half empty.

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