Show Your Support For the Montclair Mounties

Montclair Mounties White-Out GameThe Montclair Mounties Football White-Out Game on September 20 vs. Union City at Woodman Field is hoping for the biggest crowd in decades. Show your support for the Montclair High School team by purchasing a “White-Out Shirt” and attending the game. It’s a critical big game that will determine the Mounties path to their 3rd championship in a row, so be there and show your Mountie pride.

You can purchase an Official White-Out T-shirt at these location sponsors:

  • Heratij
  • Hip Chic
  • Fleet Feet
  • All Lacrosse
  • Studio 042

T-shirts are $12 and offer many benefits:

  • FREE admission to all regular season home games and VIP Entrance (no waiting)
  • FREE appetizer anytime with purchase of entrée at The Office Restaurant for entire season when you wear your shirt
  • 10% off “any other” item in clothing store locations when you purchase a white-out shirt (excludes Studio 042 Printing)
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  1. Faith. complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
    Maybe it means that no matter how gifted an athlete may be in talent,size etc. He needs to buy into a team strategy put in place by a coach whose experience may prevent him from getting injured, result in a big win, or shape him for growth off the field, Our lady of victory….pray for us!!

  2. @ridgercoach39 Football is a violent sport, which reinforces many males mentality of self sacrifice to their own detriment and health. Rather than alluding to some grand strategy whereby societal values are mimicked by the degragation of healthy bodies for entertainment and team building experience we should confront the realities of life in all its strength and passion without such a pointless exercise. You may loose your faith when violence is a remedy or a disposition because you can witness the consequences of those decisions firsthand.

  3. You need to get a grip gifro220, sounds like somebody got bullied by the football team in high school…

    How such an article about supporting our high school football team became this conversation about Faith and Violence is beyond me. I think you people need to get your priorities in order and worry about something more important.

  4. @mtc4life what is important is the quality of someone’s life before and after a collision, a lighthearted joke about bullying(which has no place in functional society) doesn’t distract from the fact that we should be avoiding violence not promoting it. The only grip I need is knowing the world can control itself in a responsible and mature manner without jeopardizing it’s own health outcomes.

  5. “You need to get a grip gifro220, sounds like somebody got bullied by the football team in high school…I think you people need to get your priorities in order and worry about something more important.”

    The only bullying I want to see is the team “hitting” the books. That’s..”something more important.”

  6. @paz. I agree on the need to put the effort in the classroom and the field. You did remind me of a particular scene in a football movie…..

    “Yeah, but when was the last time 80,000 people showed up to watch a kid do a damn chemistry experiment?

  7. Coach…. It’s a digital world now. Look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and now even Mark Zuckerberg, he’s got a lot of “hits” and no concussions. Maybe just repercussions.

  8. All this pontification above and none of you could bother to just say, “Yes, Go Mounties?” That’s too hard? It’s just a high school football game, after all.

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