Comedy Class for Your Funny Kids

Comedy Class for Your Funny Kids

Does your child seem to have a knack for making people laugh? Or maybe he loves being the center of attention, up on stage and in the spotlight. If this sounds like your kid, then Bloomfield mom Becky Veduccio-Langton’s upcoming Comedy for Kids class might be the ticket to your little one’s next punch line.

Formerly known as “Telling Jokes is Fun” at Oakview Elementary School in Bloomfield, Veduccio-Langton recently teamed up with the American Comedy Institute in NYC to make this class available to more students. Held in Montclair over the course of eight Sundays, she’ll walk your kiddo through exercises that will build up their improv skills, joke writing chops, presentation abilities and microphone technique. She’ll even cover how to handle pre-performance jitters. The class culminates in a showcase where each child gets their chance to make the audience (of family and friends) laugh up on the renowned Gotham Comedy Club stage in New York City.

“Telling jokes can be really fun. I love to show kids how to turn their thoughts into a set up – punchline formula and then see how they grow throughout the class,” said Veduccio-Langton. She recounted a story of one former student who was too shy to even to say her name in the first class, yet by the end she had more material than the other kids.

This class clearly teaches more than how to deliver a one-liner. “I walk kids through how to communicate their feelings and ideas and how to speak confidently.” She added, “You can’t guarantee that you’ll always be the best looking or the greatest athlete, but if you’re funny, you’ll go far.”

Becky Veduccio-LangtonVeduccio-Langton has been an actor, writer and comedian for the past fifteen years. She has taught stand-up comedy to every age group, from pre-school’ers telling ‘knock knock’ jokes all the way up to adults. One key take-away that she tries to impart is that there’s comedy in the truth; you don’t have to try to be funny.

“I remember one class when I asked the kids to talk about something they really didn’t like. One student stands up and says, “Why are there so many CVS’s everywhere?” He was upset that they were tearing down his favorite hamburger place for a CVS. It was funny. And it was honest.”



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