Get Into the Groove at Montclair’s New Indoor Rowing Studio

Groove Indoor Rowing Studio

They’ve been popping up all over Brooklyn the last couple of years, and there’s one in Hoboken, so it was only a matter of time that Montclair would follow suit. Groove Indoor Rowing Studio is opening this week at 3Sixty Cycling & Fitness Studio

The rowing studio is in the former personal training space and joins the cycling studio and fitness room. Approximately 12 Concept 2 indoor rowers equipped with PM3 Computers fill the room designed in the same, loft-like design 3Sixty is known for. The Pro-Pel Indoor Rowing Method certified classes are designed to build strength, burn calories, increase endurance, and offer full body tone — an all-in-one workout in 45 minutes. Classes are led by an instructor who will guide rowers of all levels, from beginner to experts, through the “ride” while allowing you to focus on your individual fitness goals.

Groove Indoor Rowing Studio

Groove Rowing Studio offered several “feedback” classes to the public the past couple of weeks to gain insight on creating its program. After the 45 minute class, participants were asked to fill out questionnaires. I took a “feedback” class last Friday.

Aside from getting on a rowing machine a few times at a gym for a 10 minute warm up, I knew nothing about rowing. Thankfully, Maggie McCrudden, the instructor, explained just how to row properly. Most people think of rowing as a pulling arm exercise. Maggie explained rowing is primarily a pushing workout. Your legs should be doing 60 percent of the work, your core is 20 percent, and arms are 20 percent. Once you learn just how to get the correct balance, you start to really feel the full body workout.

groove indoor rowing studioI was a bit concerned about being on a rowing machine for 45 minutes, but after the warm up, the class is broken down into five minute intervals where you control your strokes and speed. While the group aspect is there, I found the rowing class made me zone in on my technique and progress. More than just exercise, it felt very athletic. With the music playing in the background and the sound of whooshing from all the machines, I found myself getting into a zone. It had a very meditative “on the water” feel. In fact, I got so into the zone (and over-enthusiastic) I had a bruise on my ribcage the next day. As for how the rest of me felt — great. And I definitely did get a full body workout.

Mark Cohen, co-owner of 3Sixty is really excited about the new program.

“After nine months of planning we are extremely pleased at how well our Feedback Classes went. People love the classes, the teachers and the new studio. They see Groove as the perfect full body compliment to our cycling and fitness classes. We’ve been told that people will be adding Groove classes to their regular fitness regime on top of our other classes. Nothing please us more than seeing people fitness increase while enjoying themselves, and now their multi-class passes have that much more value!”

This Friday, Groove Indoor Rowing Studio officially opens offering 18 classes per week with four being Groove Flow-Row, Four being Groove Intervals-Row, and two BEGINS Groove Row classes. Each class will be 60 minutes long and will begin with a 15 minute active tutorial (something added after the feedback classes) and then move into the full 45 minutes class accompanied by soundtrack.

Groove Indoor Rowing StudioCohen says the 15 minute active tutorial will be optional. “We expect that after people take it once or twice they may choose to arrive for just the 45 minutes fitness portion. The BEGINS class is designed for the person who would feel more comfortable with more hands on training that last closer to 30 minutes with a 15 minutes fitness portion.”

Classes at Groove Studio @3Sixty are included in all 3Sixty Passes or can be purchased as individual classes ($18). And those who already have a 3Sixty Pass can get a Free Groove Rowing Class free before September 25.




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