Child Hit By Slow Moving Car at Hillside Pick-Up

Child Hit By Slow Moving Car at Hillside Pick-UpBe careful at pick up and tell your kids to do the same. Principal Michael Chiles sent the following email to Hillside Families this afternoon:

Today after school at approximately 3:45 p.m., one of Hillside’s fifth graders was hit by a slow moving vehicle as he darted out from the curb to his waiting transportation on Orange Road. As of this writing, I observed scratches on his elbow and knee while he sat in his mother’s car.

Staff supervisors witnessed our student get up and walk to his waiting transportation. The Montclair Police Traffic Unit and ambulance were on hand to investigate and monitor our student’s well being.

If your child is a carpooler, please pick them up as outlined in the cafeteria. Again, if your child is a walker or bike rider, please reinforce all safety procedures. Thank you for your attention to this serious matter.

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  1. So glad to hear that this was a minor accident. Everyone should be extra cautious on Orange Road, which can be quite chaotic at drop off and dismissal time at the Pre-K and Hillside.

  2. I chatted briefly with Mr. Chiles about this before Hillside’s Back to School Night. He made two points.

    Kids trust us adults. If we signal for them to do something, they are likely to do it w/o checking for themselves to confirm that it is safe. We need to keep that very much in mind.

    His second point was that we were lucky this time. He referred to some event years ago (with which I am unfamiliar) where the child was not so lucky.

    There’s been plenty of discussion of speeding in town. We should all feel fortunate that, this time, the car was moving slowly. I hope that this serves as a chilling warning to those zooming along at 40MPH plus in 25MPH zones, those putting their attention on their phones rather than the road before them, and any others giving less than their full attention to safe use of our roads.

    As for the pick-ups: procedures exist for a reason. It’s worth the extra time involved to follow them to assure the safety of our children.


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