Where to Eat On National Taco Day: Locally of Course!

National Taco Day

Tomorrow is National Taco Day, and who doesn’t love tacos? From little kids to grown ups, tacos are the perfect little handheld meal. And you can stuff them with just about anything. Not all tacos are created equal. Although I still love the ground beef Ortega brand hard shell taco my mom made frequently for dinner when I was a girl, my taco tastes have matured. For me, the best locally are from Villalobos in Montclair, Taqueria Authentica in Bloomfield, and my favorite fish taco is not from a Mexican restaurant, but Raymond’s in Montclair. Trust me.

Pete Genovese picks the 10 best NJ taco shops and restaurants and locally, we got some love.

taqueria authentica
Taqueria Authentica


Topping the list for best taqueria is Villalobos. Taqueria Authentica makes the top ten list as well, coming in at sixth place. In his part two round up, where he shares his picks for best tacos and sauces, El Matador in Bloomfield wins for best hot sauce.


national taco day
El Matador

Tell us who makes your best Tacqueria list and your favorite taco around in comments. 

Go out and enjoy some tacos tomorrow and don’t forget the tequila!



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