Birthday Fundraiser Gala for Haiti

Gala for Haiti

Montclair State University alum Guerline Macenat-Pierre is celebrating her 30th birthday next month with a red carpet fundraising gala to benefit Haitian school children in need of clean water.

The black-tie gala and fundraiser on December 6 will feature live music, art and performances all to raise $10,000 for Operation Drill Water Well 2015.

Macenat-Pierre is currently the Vice President of the Dlo Pou Viv (“Water for Life”) Health Education and Health Programs, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization devoted to ending water disparities in Haiti and other parts of the world.

Gala for Haiti

During a recent mission trip to Haiti, Macenat-Pierre visited Ecole Mixte Communautaire de Blanchard, a quaint elementary school tucked away in the city of LaPlaine.

In addition to the lack of basic school supplies including books, pencils, pens, book bags and notebooks, she said that what disturbed her the most was the fact that the children had no access to clean water at school.

“I watched the process as buckets of water are carried by young girls daily, often having to walk miles and wait in line to access the water well from a nearby community,” she said. After she returned home, shesaid she thought about those children every time she turned the faucet on in her kitchen.

“I thought about how I would feel if every time I wanted a clean glass of water to drink, I would have to walk miles to get it,” Macenat-Pierre said. “I also thought about how I would feel if the water I was about to drink put me at risk for water borne illness, like those children.”

Macenat-Pierre researched and worked with the CEO of Dlo Pou Viv to devise a plan to provide the children with access to clean, safe water and most importantly, reduce the spread of water borne illness such as cholera, typhoid and malaria infections.

The CEO of Dlo Pou Viv has contacted engineers, reviewed blue prints and believes the most effective and inexpensive way to obtain this goal is by building a water well.

Macenat-Pierre also works seasonally for the Migrant Education Program, where she provides social support services to migrant farmers in southern New Jersey. She received her Masters in public health from Montclair State University and will start a new position this summer as a maternal and child health case manager for the Central Jersey Family Health Consortium in Trenton

Macenat-Pierre is deeply passionate about the human experience and wants to continue growing, learning and making a powerful impact in communities locally and abroad, especially with underserved populations. She wants to devote her life’s work to international health, especially in her parent’s native country of Haiti.

The gala will be held on Dec. 6 at Costa del Sol on Vauxhall Road in Union. Tickets are $65 each in advance and can be purchased through their website.

Donations can also be made online. Businesses are invited to purchase advertising in the evening’s program booklet.

For questions and/or donations for the project or the event, please contact Guerline Macenat-Pierre here.



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