Holiday Gifting For Kids: Thinking Outside The (Toy) Box

BY  |  Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014 12:30pm

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The holidays are coming, which also means gift giving. Children look forward to receiving gifts as much as adults enjoy giving them. What do you do when your child can’t fit one more toy in the toy box (or you can’t bear buying a toy you know has a short play life)? Here are some ideas for holiday giving that can bring joy to the entire family and don’t require batteries.

Give learning and life lessons. Classes and memberships to museums or learning centers are a great way to give a lasting gift to a young person who is developing an interest in the arts or sciences. Dance, painting or music lessons allow children to engage in an activity they love while developing skills they can use for a lifetime.

Sign up for a present that comes every month. A monthly magazine written for kids on their favorite hobby not only stimulates their curiosity about a loved activity, but also reinforces developing reading skills in a way that will hold their attention.

Grab some golden tickets. Kids love a day out on a special adventure and purchasing tickets to an event is the perfect way to extend the joy of the holidays. Got a sports fan? Tickets to a baseball, basketball, hockey or football game can create a lasting memory for years to come. Music lovers would enjoy a trip to the symphony. Young dancers might appreciate tickets to the ballet. A day in New York City for a matinee of a musical would also be a hit for many children. There are also many local children’s theaters, such as The Growing Stage or Paper Mill Playhouse, with productions geared specifically for young that will please the entire family.

Cook up a perfect gift. Culinary enthusiasts love the chance to create in the kitchen. Pick up a recipe book geared to kids with easy-to-follow instructions and simple ingredient lists. Pair it with tools, ingredients or a cute apron and enjoy fun and tasty projects all year.

Get creative. CArts and craft supplies for budding artists or gardening supplies for children who love to make things grow (seeds, tools for outdoors or even a terrarium) offer long-lasting fun. Children interested in storytelling would love a special notebook of their very own coupled with puppet-making kits or a mini-stage for performing their tales.

Empower a young shopper. A gift card to the local bookseller or the child’s favorite clothing store for a mini-shopping spree offers a fun experience to shop after the holidays, and even a teachable moment about spending on a budget.

Give the gift of (quality) time. Homemade coupons for an afternoon of miniature golf, an ice cream date with a friend, or some roller skating or bowling could mean the world to a child who just wants to spend some quality time with a loved one. These little treats make a great stocking stuffer that can be saved for a rainy day!

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