Montclair High School Principal Addresses Parking Issues/Ticketing

Montclair High School Principal Addresses Parking Issues/TicketingToday, following Baristanet’s story on Montclair High School parking issues, confusion and increased ticketing of student vehicles, Principal James Earle has sent the following to parents:

Dear MHS Parents/Caregivers:

In recent days we learned that there has been some confusion from both students and staff regarding parking permissions at or near MHS. In addition, it is our understanding that there has recently been an increase in monitoring by the Montclair Parking Utility that has inconvenienced many of our students who drive and park at school.

Based on these concerns, my office reached out to the Parking Utility office for clarification about parking around the school. Our goal was to ensure that students and staff who have properly purchased permits be allowed to park in the areas designated by the town several years ago. They advised us that students and staff who have the proper documentation can park safely in the designated locations as outlined in the attachments. Students and staff who park without the appropriate permits are subject to all parking rules and procedures set by the Township of Montclair.

If your child is a licensed driver and needs more information about parking at or near MHS during school hours, please see the attachments for more specific locations, or ask them to stop by my office for a copy of the attached parking map and/or the parking permit instructions which is given when obtaining a parking permit from the Montclair Parking Utility. We will continue to collaborate with the Montclair Parking Utility to improve parking conditions around the school.

We wish all of you safe travels during this holiday season.

James Earle


Montclair High School

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