Childhood: Christmas Traditions

Outside of Culture Couture on Church Street
Outside of Culture Couture on Church Street

“My dad is Bermudian. My mom is Italian-American. My dad adopted the Italian seafood dinner. That became his thing. So, every Christmas Eve, at my parents house, we’d do the big Italian feast. He started the tradition after he married my mom. Seafood is big in Bermuda too, so it became an excuse for my dad to make a lot of seafood.



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  1. On Christmas Eve after we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” my parents let me open one gift before bed, which was always new Christmas pajamas. It’s a tradition I keep with my girls.

  2. My brothers and I always woke up early on Christmas. My parents wanted to sleep in as long as possible so to keep us occupied we were allowed to empty our stockings (filled with doodads and always maple candy) to keep us occupied. Everything else had to wait until the whole family was gathered.

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