Lacordaire Academy Wins First Place in North Jersey Junior Forensics Meet

forensics press photo
Photo: (left to right) Sabrina Skyers, Kevin Whitworth, Caitlyn Minutillo, Julia Malnak, Maria Bambrick-Santoyo, Logan Boyce, Janine Jbeili, Bart Kaminski, and John Colie

On December 3, 2014 Lacordaire Academy hosted the annual Declamation forensics meet for the North Jersey Junior Forensics League (NJJFL) in which nine independent and parochial schools from neighboring counties compete in four public speaking competitions each year. The first is Reading or oral interpretation, followed by Declamation, Drama and Humor. In Declamation, each school sends six competitors to give a three to five minute speech. The speech must be previously given, not original, and must be fully memorized.

Co-captain and Montclair resident, Maria Bambrick Santoyo won second place overall. Fifth graders Kevin Whitworth (Montclarir resident) and Sabrina Skyers, won honorable mention. Lacordaire Academy won first place overall because teammates Logan Boyce, Bart Kaminski and Joe Colie gave outstanding performances as well. Lacordaire has more than 20 students on its forensics team, and Coaches Mary Thornton, Michael Aymar, and Montclair resident Anne Utley are looking forward to Drama the next meet in February.

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