Montclair High School: Information Night on College Admission Tests

Montclair High School: Information Night on College Admission TestsMontclair High School Guidance Department is sponsoring an information night for families to learn about college admission tests. Admission tests are generally required for students who are applying to a four year college/university. There are many changes in store for the SAT and ACT and we want Montclair High School students to be in the forefront of this information.

INFORMATION NIGHT: College Admissions Tests


ACT vs. SAT: Which test would be better for my student?
Understanding current PSAT scores (2014) and what’s changing on the PSAT (2015).
Should students take PSAT, SAT or ACT Prep Courses?

How does a student qualify for National Merit, National Achievement, or National Hispanic Scholar?
Should students take SAT Subject Tests?
What does SAT/ACT tell colleges about students?

Wednesday, February 4, 7 pm, Montclair High School Auditorium

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