Weapon, Seen On Campus of Montclair High School, Later Confiscated By Police

Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015 6:43am

Weapon, Seen On Campus of Montclair High School, Later Confiscated By PoliceSeveral students witnessed a weapon on campus of Montclair High School on Monday. Principal James Earle notified parents by email of the incident:

I am writing to share information about an incident at MHS. During the school day today, MHS administration was notified that several students had witnessed a weapon on campus yesterday (Monday, 1/12/15). With the assistance of the Montclair Police Department, we investigated the allegations and determined that there were no weapons on campus today but we confirmed that a weapon was on campus at MHS during school yesterday. The Montclair Police Department located and confiscated the weapon off campus and will continue their investigation into the incident. We want to thank those who came forward to share information and would like to encourage students to report immediately when they witness unsafe events taking place at Montclair High School.
James Earle, Principal

Joseph Putrino, Glenfield Middle School, also notified parents of a weapon incident by email on December 21, just before the holiday break:

Dear Glenfield Community,

On the evening of Friday, December 19th, I was informed that a student said he had seen a weapon in another student’s backpack during the school day. The student reported this incident to his mother. In an email message sent after the end of the school day, the student’s mother notified me and the assistant principal of this incident. Within a minute of the report, I contacted the parent who reported the incident. The parent shared that her son, who made the report to her, was at basketball practice at Mt. Hebron School along with the student he reported as being in possession of a weapon. I immediately contacted the Superintendent and Montclair Police Department and all parties agreed it was necessary to take immediate action.

The Montclair police department went to Mt. Hebron School and searched the student(s) and the area. No weapon was found. In addition, the police department searched Glenfield School and again no weapon was found. At this point the police have informed me that this is an ongoing investigation and that both students should not come to school until the police complete the investigation.

I have been in contact with both families and ensured both students will not be in school until the police department indicates they have completed their investigation.

The student accused is not attending school until the end of the police investigation.

I will keep the Glenfield community updated as I obtain additional information.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Joseph A. Putrino Jr., Ed. D.

Glenfield Middle School

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