The Montclair Film Festival Kids Art Project

Montclair Film Festival Kids Art Project

Get out the crayons and markers! It’s time for The Montclair Film Festival Kids Art Project.

For the 4th consecutive year, children in Montclair are invited to draw and color a picture of their favorite movie. This year MFF is aiming to have 2,000 pictures displayed in businesses all around the township before and during the Film Festival. The event is open to all children up to, and including, Middle School students.

This year’s festival runs from May 1 through May 10, but the town will be decked out in children’s artwork well before the opening day’s first film. School children are being provided with the special paper for the drawings in most schools in town. If your child’s class is not invited to participate, you can pick up the special “templates” for the Kids Art Project at businesses all around town.

Check the MFF Kids Art Project Facebook page for more details and pick-up-drop-off locations. Artwork is due either in the school offices or business district drop-off points by April 13. Templates will be delivered to business partners during the 3rd week in March. Templates will also be available at the Montclair Film Festival office at 494 Bloomfield Avenue.

Once artwork is up, young artists and their families are encouraged to keep a look out to find their own pictures on display. They can send a photo of themselves and their art work here. Photos will be posted in the Kids Art Project Gallery online. For more details, email here.



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