A Peek Under the Covers MPL Benefit Party


Under the Covers

On Friday, May 15, Montclair Public Library went “Under the Covers” to reveal the many offering our library gives to the community. The benefit party, hosted by the Montclair Public Library Foundation, raised over $75,000 for MPL.

MPLF Chairs Alison Bauer and Susan Dunn were thrilled with how the event turned out, but more excited about how it spread the word about the importance of MPL to Montclair.

“Our hope is that our ‘Under the Covers’ guests learned more about what our incredible library has to offer. We are all about the books, but we are so much more. The money raised helps us continue to offer a vast array of free programs and services for all of Montclair,” said Alison Bauer. “The room was filled with long time supporters and many new library friends. It was great to have folks in the room from the Board of Ed, district Central Services staff, local elected officials, Achievement Gap members, Planning Board members, MFEE colleagues, friends and neighbors.”

Dunn added, “It was a delight to see guests connecting with the MPL staff. I talked with a mother who wanted something techy for her teenage son to do. I introduced her to Lisa Sedita and the last thing I saw was the two of them deep in conversation about the 3D printer. I forgot to bring my iPad to learn how to Zinnio but I know I can easily do that at the library the next time I stop in.”

Baristanet was a proud Media Sponsor of the event. Take a peek “Under the Covers” at our slideshow created by photographer Chanda Hall:

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  1. This was a really wonderful event — and THANK YOU to those who put in so much work to make it informative, positive, and fun. Tia’s Food of Love was delicious, and the Jazz House Kids did a fantastic job.

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