Fire at Camp Nyoda Destroys Three of Seven Bungalows at 100-Year Old Campsite


camp nyoda fireTwo nights ago a fire destroyed three of the seven bungalows at a girls camp in Oak Ridge named Camp Nyoda. Now reaching its 100 year anniversary and owned by the fourth generation of the same family, the camp was founded in 1917 by Lee and Grover Smith as a place for the Montclair, NJ chapter Camp Fire Girls to learn outdoor skills.

camp nyoda

Kathe Knitch, a Montclair resident whose teenager has attended the all girls sleep away camp, started a fundraising page through Give Forward. The fund is named Camp Nyoda Fire Fund. She hopes people will give to help rebuild the bungalows so girls can spend this summer at their beloved camp.

Says Knitch, “Nyoda is rich in history and also is home to a tree farm. It is a classic old fashioned get back to nature camp where most of its magic comes from the relationships that the girls form.”

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  1. Nyoda is a wonderful camp with a long tradition and history. The camp has helped our daughter build confidence and character, and we hope they are back up and running soon.

  2. Sadly 4 bungalows burned not 3 as originally stated. Also damage to other surrounding structures. Hoping for Nyoda to come back stronger than ever!

  3. The students from Midland Park HS express our condolences at the loss of such a beautiful, memory filled camp. Every year our Take Action club meets for a weekend at Nyoda full of fun activities, great food, and training. We hope Nyoda comes back better than ever.

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