‘Keepy’ Your Family’s Memories

KeepyIf you’re conflicted over throwing out your child’s most recent ‘tissue paper ‘n straw flower garden’ versus watching the ever-growing heap of glitter-streaked art projects stretch and creep along your dining room table, Keepy might be your happy medium. This app, which allows you to capture and share your family’s keepsakes along with video and audio comments, acts as an interactive photo album and comes complete with private sharing capabilities.

With Keepy, you can snap a pic of your child’s art work, crop it, enhance it with video or voiceover and share it with those you’ve invited via email or your own private Keepy webpage (making it super easy for not-so-techy types). Members of your invite-only network – Keepy calls them “fans” – can also respond to your posts with their own video and audio comments.

For example, you can share a photo from your son’s kindergarten graduation and a video of your daughter singing the ‘Frozen song’… again.  Once your fans are notified of your new ‘keepies,’ grandma can post one video congratulating the new graduate and another gushing over her granddaughter’s performance. “You don’t just get a ‘like’ that your child probably doesn’t even get to see,” said Keepy Founder and CEO Offir Gutelzon. “Even small children can be a part of the engagement.”  With a focus on family connection, Keepy brings together different generations around the moments you most want to remember.

Keepy also makes it easy to organize your special memories by child and by year. And for parents who stress over the idea of a tech glitch wiping out their family’s favorite memories, the app also syncs with Dropbox.

Gutelzon explained that he came up with the Keepy concept three and a half years ago after moving to New York City from Israel. “When my older child went off to public school, our dining room started to look like an art class.” He added, “I realized that this was a culture shift.  Kid’s creativity isn’t defined by art work in Israel.  There’s a different word for that.” He also noticed that art work isn’t really something that’s saved on Facebook or Instagram.

The teetering piles of art projects highlighted another change as well – Gutelzon could no longer easily share these mementos with his parents.  They were now far away. Speaking to friends in the international community within NYC, he realized that others also had the same issues.

Keepy came about as a mutli-generation platform that can be used as a clutter-free way to save and share memories and keep in touch with loved ones. Gutelzon added that Keepy also allows parents to build their children’s own private time lines. “When your kids grow up, they’ll be able to see the story of their life and enjoy it.”

Keepy, which is available on Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire, can be enjoyed for free with only fifteen pictures and videos a month. Unlimited pictures and videos can be saved, shared and organized for $5.99 month or $39.99 for the year.




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  1. I have been using TellAbout (https://www.tellabout.net to keep both our family photos and our kids drawings in privately shared family albums in digital. It’s easy since I can use any of my devices to store photos and people with whom I share an album can use it too without any installations.

    So I actually have family albums where and they are up to date. Managed to amaze my friends many times with this 🙂

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