#MFF15 Highlight from Day 4: Sleeping With Other People


Sleeping With Other People

It is so rare to watch a romantic comedy that is intelligent, deeply felt, and truly funny these days that Leslye Headland’s Sleeping With Other People comes as a revelation. Featuring stellar leading performances by Jason Sudeikis (proving himself inordinately talented as a romantic and comic lead) and Alison Brie, as well as an ensemble cast that includes Jason Mantzoukas and Adam Scott, Other People is, as programmer Ina Pira put it, “a great latenight Monday screening.”

Anyone who’s heard advance buzz about this highly anticipated film, which stole the show at Sundance and was the runnerup for the Narrative Award at Tribeca, knows about its racy material. And though it’s occasionally graphic, it’s never in bad taste. What last night’s audience came away with was a brilliantly funny and well acted romp that never feels like it’s looking down on its characters. The relationship between the two main characters, a pair of maladjusted sex addicts named Jake (Sudeikis) and Lainey (Brie) feels bigger and more important than anything else, thanks mainly to the writing of Ms. Headland (who also wrote and directed Bachelorette), which is also studded with delicious cultural references. The film, which is released wide in August, will almost certainly do well at the box office. But the crowd at the festival screening last night considered themselves luckier than usual to have seen such a delightful film months before its release.


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