Montclair Bread Company Expanding, Needs More Dough

Montclair Bread Co.

If you’ve ever had a Montclair Bread Co. doughnut, you’ll understand that the small shop can’t keep up with the demand. What started as Sunday Doughnuts back in 2013 quickly became a daily offering. Today, the small shop on Walnut Street has announced plans for an expansion. The big project will require a lot of dough, so MBC has launched a kickstarter campaign to help raise funds:


The kitchen currently occupies about 300 sq ft of the total 600 sq ft on Walnut Street. With the expansion, the baking operation will be moving to a 1,290 sq ft space at developer Steven Plofker’s conversion of the Montclair motor vehicle inspection station on Label Street in August, 2015. That’s where they will create all the yummy doughnuts, breads, croissants and muffins for Montclair Bread Co.

The Label Street location will also be home to baking classes, culinary events with celebrated chefs, bakers & authors, and community gatherings.

Once the baking equipment and supplies are removed from the Walnut Street space, the dividing walls will come down and the bakery will turn into a café. There will be tables to enjoy your coffee and doughnuts. Coffee service will expand – more single origin Stumptown coffees, lattes served in latte mugs and a more sophisticated brewing system. The made-to-order sandwich menu will expand with the addition of soups and salads year round. This portion of the project should be complete by September 2015.

Rachel Crampsey, owner and head baker, tells Baristanet she’s incredibly excited about the opportunities this expansion will bring.

“I’ve wanted to offer community baking classes since the day we opened but I just don’t have the room on Walnut Street. Our little bakery is bursting at the seams. We’ve finally reached our maximum baking capacity and we’re often selling out early on the weekends. I don’t want to see any more sad faces because the Nutella doughnuts are all gone!Our Label St. annex will finally give us the space we so desperately need.”

There are many fun incentives for donations small and large —MBC t-shirt, free doughnut a day, private backing class. Check out the Kickstarter page here for more information and to make a donation.

montclair bread company (1)In the meantime, you can still enjoy your Nutella doughnut at the Walnut Street location, and starting on Friday, May 8, MBC is extending hours to offer Doughnuts After Dark! On Friday and Saturday nights, you can satisfy your late night cravings until 10 pm.







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