Congratulations Montclair Teachers Named As Weston Award Recipients

Montclair Teachers Named As Weston Award RecipientsThe Judy and Josh Weston Award for Excellence in Teaching is awarded annually to teachers in the Montclair public school system, in recognition of their creativity, high expectations, energy, and concern for students. It is a cash award of $2,000. This year there were 17 awards given out.

The administration of The Judy and Josh Weston Award for Excellence in Teaching is exclusively by parents. Nominations for the Weston Award are solicited from students, parents, and guardians of students currently attending the Montclair public schools. This year the committee received over 320 nominations with 160 teachers being nominated. A selection committee of parent representatives from each school, and Judy Weston, selected the award recipients.

The recipients of this year’s Weston Award for Excellence in Teaching are:

Delia Maloy, Science, Glenfield Middle School
Jennifer Charyn, Science, Glenfield School

Stephanie Cataneo, First Grade, Bullock School
Eli Siebert, Math/Science, Hillside
Tracey Lever, Physical Education, Hillside
Deborah Maher, Fifth Grade, Northeast
Corrine Haggerty, First Grade, Edgemont
Arin Leard, Art, Mount Hebron
Tameka Stafford, Special Education, Mount Hebron
Laurie Durber, Second Grade, Bradford
Rodney Jackson, Social Studies, Renaissance Middle School
Elaine Blafer, Second Grade, Watchung
Eric Eder, Physical Education, Nishuane
Mary Paolazzi, Kindergarten, Nishuane

Shana Stein, AP History, Montclair High School
Kari De Meo, Math, Montclair High School
Lynn English, Science, Montclair High School

There will be a private reception for the nominees and the winners of the Weston Awards on Monday, June 1, 2015, at 6:30 pm before the Board of Ed meeting at the Montclair High School Annex in the Atrium. come out at 7:30 pm for the public ceremony to support your teachers who have won this teaching excellence award!

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  1. Congratulations to all the teachers! A special shout out to a personal friend Laurie Durber who is one of the best teachers I know. And another shout out to Mr. Eder at Nishuane School who goes above and beyond year after year.

  2. We have a great teaching pool in Montclair, no doubt. Congratulations to all of the recipients. No go buy yourself something nice, you deserve it!


    In those late night hours, after the tears have dried, and that initial calling to teach has been raised, these teachers found the best in themselves to bring out the best in our students.

    I am forever grateful to your hard work, and this award shows that those lonely nights did not pass without notice.

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