Students Call For Dress Code Changes at Montclair High School

BY  |  Wednesday, May 13, 2015 12:01pm

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Today is beautiful, but the last few days have been hot. Montclair High School female students are questioning why they aren’t able to dress comfortably — and why the idea of wearing shorts affects their ability to learn.

Check out their petition on Change.Org and the statement below by MHS student Emma Wescott.

We’ve also heard that students in the middle schools are also challenging the dress code, especially girls who feel they are being “coded” for wearing clothes that are modest but not exactly fingertip length. Tell us what you think in comments.

Right now, female students are being grossly sexualized at Montclair High School. The newly reinforced dress code is disproportionately targets female students for wearing summer clothing, sending them home to put on more modest attire, despite the high temperatures inside of the classrooms. School is a place for learning, not a place where students should be removed from class in order to be reprimanded for dressing in the clothing that is made available to them and that society encourages them to wear. Frequently, female students are told to “dress for their bodies” which is an issue outside of the schools authority. Wearing shorts and a tank top does not impede on a female student’s ability to learn, nor should it impede upon anyone else’s. This strict dress code perpetuates rape culture by suggesting to girls that their way of dress is punishable and puts them at fault. It suggests that it is their responsibility to dress modestly as to keep from “distracting” their male counterparts. This is a ridiculous sentiment and is offensive to both males and females. The true issue lies in a culture that sexualizes girls, in the supposed tantalizing nature of spaghetti-strap shirts.

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And we can get this project completed in time for Montclair's sesquicentennial when we can stick a fork into historic preservation as a public policy.

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