You Gotta Believe, You Gotta Pray

Mets in the WilderessSince Tug McGraw told his fellow New York Mets in 1973 that “You Gotta Believe,” the phrase has become a rallying cry for the perennial underdog team. But Maureen Edelson of Montclair is taking the call to believe a step further and saying: Let’s all pray for the Mets to win!

Her Pray4Mets initiative began as a simple act of love—for her husband, a beleaguered Mets fan. “My husband Todd each year opens the baseball season with the characteristically low expectations of his team that most Mets fans hold,” she says. “As Todd’s wife, I wanted better for him and his team, knew that he should expect better (and to have more joy) in his life, and, based on my experience, that we could try to make it so.”

MaureenAs the director of Montclair Physical Therapy, Edelson knows all about helping people make through painful situations. How could she help her husband make it through another Mets season? “I’m not in a position to buy the Mets from its owners, so, like the soldier in a foxhole with seemingly no out—there is prayer,” she says.

Edelson set up and is encouraging people to send their pro-Mets missives to Oh, and she encourages people to congregate with her and Todd at Tierney’s to watch the games together.

On the site, Edelson offers information about common and powerful prayers from Judaism and various strains of Christianity that apply to the Mets’ situation as pro-ball long shots, plus links to online prayer resources like

It’s all a little tongue-in-cheek (see her rewriting of an Episcopal prayer that begins “For those in the Mets community/We commend to your gracious care…”), but also a delightfully earnest attempt to give hope to Mets fans everywhere.

“No man is an island, so I am unabashed in asking others to join us and focus, in their own manner, positive energy, thoughts and prayers on Mets success,” she says, and as the 2015 season sees the Mets doing pretty well for themselves, she adds, “It seems to be working.”


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