Montclair Make Music Day Is Back — Bigger and Better

Montclair Make Music DayMontclair Make Music Day is back and ready to make even more of a splash this year. On June 20th and 21st the town will come together to celebrate music of all kinds. With multiple venues and about 50 musical acts already set, this year’s Make Music Day is going to be bigger and better than before.

Make Music Day began as Fête de la Musique 32 years ago in France. The holiday that is meant to be a celebration of music quickly took off around the world. Last year Montclair became one of over 800 cities world wide that celebrated Make Music Day with its own events.

Organizer Greg Pason has helped set up a whole weekend of music for Montclair. Starting on Saturday the 20th, Montclair Makes Music day will kick off at big events at the Farmers Market and the Serendipity Cafe. On Sunday the 21st, smaller events will be held at locations all over town with the goal of spreading the sweet sounds of music all over Montclair.

“Make Music Day is an international celebration,” says Pason, “It’s a time fore people to come together and see free music.” Pason encourages people to join in with the celebration by creating their own music or getting involved with the events. Pason says that Montclair Make Music Day relies solely on volunteers and will “only work if people come out and support.”

Currently organizers involved with Make Music Day are working with congress to make June 21st a musical holiday. In the meantime, anyone who wants to help with Montclair’s make music day is welcome.

Come out and support Montclair and music on the weekend of June 20th and 21st.

For more information visit Montclair Make Music Day or help support.

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