Seen Around Town: Eat What You Want, Pay What You Want


Blu and Next Door, two side-by-side restaurants in Montclair owned by Chef Zod Arifai, are set to close in August. But before they do, there’s some great food and even greater deals to be had. This sign was spotted at the restaurants yesterday announcing that on Wednesday, June 17 you can “eat what you want, and pay what you want.”

Baristanet reached out ot Chef Arifai to learn more.

“We have been wanting to do this for a long long time, now that we are closing we are trying some different things,” he said.

According to Arifai, this is how it will work:

Go in on Wednesday, June 17 and you’ll get a menu featuring food options from both Blu and Next Door. You can eat as many things as you want and as much as you want, but you must finish everything that you order (you can’t take anything home). You’ll receive a check listing everything that you ordered with three lines: one for total amount you want to pay, one for tax, and one for the tip.

“Everyone I talk to, including all the PR people, think that it’s not a good idea and that it’s crazy and it will attract the wrong people,” says Arifai, but adds, “I want to see what happens.”

The Pay What You Want restaurant model is not new, and is gaining popularity. There are many PWYW establishments around the word. It is however, new for this area and these restaurants. We’re excited to hear how it turns out. Personally, if Next Door’s amazing burger, with gooey melted cheese and sweet caramelized onions, is on the PWYW menu, I’ll be generous. It’s priceless.

next door


(Sign Photo: Hillary Watterson)



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