Montclair Kid Scores Letter From Reclusive Spider-Man Artist Steve Ditko

Eight-year-old Carl Scheckel loves comic books, but this summer, the Montclair boy who blogs at Carl’s Comix, went from fan to celebrity when he posted how he had received a letter from the legendary and reclusive comic book artist Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-Man and dubbed the “J.D. Salinger of the comic book world.”


Carl posted on his blog a picture of his letter, asking Ditko whether there was a teacher who made him think about drawing comics and what Ditko had the most fun drawing, and a picture of the letter he received a few weeks later from Ditko, answering his questions.

Carl’s dad William, who helps with the blog, was amazed and surprised when Carl got the letter. “He [Ditko] doesn’t go to shows, give interviews or generally interact with the world, despite the the huge attention paid to his creations over the past 60 years.”

The comic book world was equally surprised.

carl-steve-ditko-letter picked up the story, resulting in more than 15,000 views to Carl’s site and two more stories about Carl and the letter from Ditko on comic sites in Italy, as well as letters from around the world.

“I want to give everyone a big thanks for liking and commenting on my site! I’m trying very hard to respond to all those that I didn’t write back yet. I promise that I will get to everybody,” writes Carl, regarding his sudden Internet fame.

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