Found Cat in Montclair

Found Cat in Montclair

Is your cat missing? A reader writes in:

This sweet and friendly male cat was hanging out in our backyard last night on Midland between Walnut and James Street. He insisted on getting into our house. We fed him and gave him some love, then he wanted out again. He has a collar with the name “Snotty” on it. He is not here now, but I woke up last night at 2:30 am and he was still on our deck.


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  1. About “Snotty”

    I live on Central Ave. “Snotty” lives here too, he’s my friend cat. If you see him again you can leave a message at the number on his tag. Snotty’s owner is out of town, but she just emptied her voicemail and can now receive messages. He knows where he lives, but thank you for looking after him.

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