Montclair’s Nishuane Pool Closed Due To Vandalism

Nishuane Pool will be closed today, Wednesday and Thursday due to vandalism. Last night vandals threw 50 chairs, 10 umbrellas and stands, several umbrella bases, and several hoses and buckets into the pool. In addition, the handicap pool lift was destroyed.

Nishuane Pool will re-open Friday, August 14.

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  1. That’s a shame, with the weather continuing to be hot and humid.

    Does the town plan to offer a reward for info on the ID of the miscreants? The neighbors might like to know who cut off access to the pool for so many families in the neighborhood.

    Maybe some shaming would produce a good result.

  2. “Maybe some shaming would produce a good result.”

    —what a capital idea! we could re-install pillories on Church Street for public shaming!

    cazart! is there no end to the retrograde thinking on this site?

  3. paolo,

    Where were your comments when unidentified miscreants pooped in the Mountainside Pool twice last year? …also closed for days.

    Chairs & umbrellas? I’ll take that every day of the week.

  4. There were 32 comments to the Mountainside Pool poop fest thread. A few expressed concern about the health issues while most traded puns.

  5. No worries, paolo. The Essex Pool closes this weekend and Nishuane can have their $6K lift for the remaining 3 weeks.

  6. As these posts suggest, there’s no shaming in our stigma free town. We have to embrace those among us who express themselves by vandalizing pools.

  7. There may be cynical commentary, but truly it is a shame that people are so disconnected and alienated that they need to trash the low-cost amenities that make life in Montclair special.

  8. “… so disconnected and alienated that they need to trash…” Well, that’s a very Montclair explanation. Another is that it was juveniles that lacked proper parenting. I second idea of a little public shaming.

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