Lacordaire Academy Wins First Place at the North Jersey Junior Forensics League

Lacordaire Academy

On October 22, Lacordaire Academy’ forensics team won first place in the North Jersey Junior Forensics League in the first meet of the year.

The Reading Competition was held at St.Catherine of Siena and seven schools each sent up to six competitors.  Students who competed in the meet read a three to five minute selection and were judged on their oral interpretation, use of voice, poise, and eye contact.  Lacordaire’s team swept the competition. Sixth grader Kevin Whitworth won second place, and team captain, Lily Greenberg won third place over all.  In their debut performances, sixth graders Siadbh Stack and Mathew DeSopo placed fourth and received Honorable Mention respectively. 

Exemplary presentations by sixth graders, Sabrina Skyers and Drew Boyce launched the team into a ten point lead to the start of the year. Coach and Moderator Mary Thornton with her Assistant Coaches, Anne Utley and Hope Rhodeman worked hours to prepare the six competitors, and three alternates Catie Minutillo, Annabel Prunty. and Gabriella Mazal for the competition. Lacordaire Academy will host the next meet, Declamation, on December 16th.  During Declamation, students must memorize and present three to five minute speeches. (Photo left to right: Siadbh Stack, Drew Boyce, Lily Greenberg, Matthew DeSopo and Sabrina Skyers. Kevin Whitworth not present for photo.  Check this site next week to see the entire team and their trophies!





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